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  1. I love Joe for the fact he has some balls to make some commentary live. Like when He full out *****ed againt the judges on live tv for the nam pham fight. He aint scared to voice out an opinion. Or (i forgot wich match) he kept contradicting the ref when both fighter was in a cage clinch and the ref kept saying lets work guys, and rogan kept saying ''comon there are fighting let them be godamm''
  2. That would be quite good. But who would want to coach already complete superstars?
  3. Going to see JSP vs Koscheck at the bell center, and not cry like a little fan boy.
  4. Sadly the ones who are gives us a bad name. But this aint the subject of the thread guys.
  5. Man does china even have any MMA fighters out there? None comes to mind. Lol Iceland and south africa would be screwed lol
  6. Thank you, but where do you add text to your sig..? im new
  7. Count me in amigo! wait how do you add things to you sig?
  8. hehe sweet. Always been more of a trekkie then a star wars fan.
  9. enough of these mitrione threads lol, funny thing. Someone who complains about mitrione threads, ends up doing one about him.
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