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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5f2S7hmUuhA
  2. tag team matches would be awesome too bro.
  3. bumped for further discussion people. has bendo revealed the safe blueprint for beating the diaz brothers? is this the reason why gsp called out nick almost immediately after ufc on fox 5? perhaps he believes it may be easier to safely lay in diaz's guard than previously thought.
  4. lol seems like everyone is so bitter on these forums these days.
  5. how do you beat nate diaz? wrestling + sub defence + leg kicks + cardio to keep up with nate's pace = all strengths that bendo has. stylistically it couldn't have been a more worse match-up for diaz. i don't mean to discredit bendo though, the guy has decisively beaten every fighter he's fought so far in the ufc (except for maybe edgar in their second fight).
  6. gustafson gets taken down/mauled. weidman gets highlight reeled. hendricks' left hand gets neutralized. pettis gets taken down/mauled. out of that list, only reem and edgar have legitimate chances imo.
  7. fedor's management. (i know, he's not a ufc fighter nor is he my favourite fighter but i had to say it)
  8. yeah, but its not a 40+ lb weight advantage that gsp (and almost everyone on this forum) is claiming that silva has on him. its 10lbs at the most.
  9. i voted "no" before i read your post lol. i thought you meant the fighters would have to cut weight 2 hours prior to the fight. it's actually not a bad idea.
  10. the bonnar fight was on short notice too so he didn't even have a full training camp. usually he's down to about 195-200 before a fight. (can't remember which dana white video blog it was but in one of them i remember anderson himself telling dana he weighed 198). i also remember watching another video where ed soares said anderson was walking around 194 before his fight with maia. sometimes i can't tell whether people here are just uninformed or whether they just refuse to acknowledge facts.
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