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    I haven't been on the forum in a while. mainly cuz of the new layout, my work browsers dnt support it... but I had to get on to say: VITOR MW CHAMP 2013/2014!!!!! he can and will beat silva in a rematch, he has been training to be more than just a boxer he has amazing athleticism....vitor is a BEAST DAT KICK!!!!!!!!!!!!! PS: leave the trt talk out of here, its legal, hes not breaking rules, so shut ur face
  2. i know for a fact jake will kill hendricks...so him the other 2 im rooting for, and i have confidence but its not 100%
  3. mmafan73

    Frank Mir.

    mir is the **** man, big fan...hope he wins
  4. I get mad at people like hughes who pose with there kill like its some trophy. lol serious? your sad...
  5. are you guys so unsure of yourselves that you bash someones faith? its pitiful
  6. Fights are judged by landed punches not damags done frankie did win but in a real fight aldo won he messed frankie up no...edgar lost
  7. Life dealt Frankie a series of crappy cards in his last few fights. In a sensible world, he'd still be LW champion right now, but he just fell short of winning FW gold. I think a part of him also blames those people who told him he belongs at 145 when he was clearly schooling all his 155 competition. He needs to go back there and fight his way back up the ranks. Benson won't be a dominant champ, so there's nothing in the way. he made a ****ing career of robbing people decisions...penn,maynard,griffin.... He was never Champ cuz he ddnt beat penn, he lost it to maynard, and he lost to bendo horribly in the first fight, and razor close the second and got kicked at 145 against a faster aldo.... he is not the LW champ and is not the best 55er anymore... Bendo is and has shown to be strong as champ... stop being butthurt edgar/fans
  8. LOL. Aldo was the first one the play to the judges. It was funny as hell cause when Aldo was picked up on his corner's shoulders, everyone boo'ed and then they threw up Frankie and everyone cheered. It was a close fight and could have gone either way, but let's not act like Aldo didn't try to play to the judges either. frankies team was the first to throw him up like the fools they are...aldo ran around and put his hands up cuz he knew he won...CUZ HE DID, his swagger, frankies face and te fight showed aldo won....period
  9. no....he wasnt robbed and he lost, check his face out he GOT HIS **** KICKED AND DID NOTHING BACK....you cant rob people in decisions on your way up then **** about getting robbed urself later frankie... Aldo won 3-4 rounds easy...if it was 3 then it was kinda close fight but not a robbery in a million years
  10. no....edgar lost, aldo won 3 if not 4 rounds....edgar is a can and will fade into nothingness like i stated earlier...
  11. Frankie did nothing...he tried to win rounds on points, got ****ed up AGAIN and lost AGAIN.... Frankie the CAN Edgar pack your bags for invicta....
  12. to ****ing act like he won that....aldo ddnt look great but he easily won 3 if not 4 rounds....its not controversial dont you dare cry for a ****ing rematch...****ing awful...frankie the can edgar loses 3rd in a row, now go to invicta where you belong...
  13. i cnt wait to see this fight wow...crazy he got tko'd
  14. aldo is gonna buttrape edgar with no lube
  15. Still not getting a logical answer here...only answers.given are the same ones that don't apply of "it could never happen" or the more stupid one of "why have them when you would lose anyways" its becouse there is no logical answer...people who attack the second amendment attack it with emotional tactics...."Oh the children"... The founding fathers were educated and knew what they were doing...Its there for a reason and it wont be ****ed with...
  16. trollsmasher, actually he ddnt...he confirmed 1 of the A tests came back hot but there awaiting test B...results on monday
  17. the rumble fight was in januart of 2012.... Jones was in september of 2012... Recent fight was in january... so it was 9 months, then 4 months... your acting like he gained mass in 2 days
  18. omg those cuts are BAAAAAAAAD
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