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  1. Btw, for those of you that think Seagal is a fake, watch this video and you'll see him training with them near the end.
  2. Btw, for those of you that think Seagal is a fake, watch this video and you'll see him training with them near the end.
  3. Damn... Poor Sonnen. Check out this workout video. It's 40 minutes long so bring a bag of popcorn and a can of soda if you have to. It's a pretty long workout vid but what I did was skip the parts that didn't show Silva training. Check it out. And just when I thought Anderson Silva couldn't get any better... I see this video.. His boxing is looking extremely sharp as well. Every aspect of his game looks improved overall. Damn, he looks good. I'm scared for Sonnen now... I'm so scared for him that I actually do believe the fight will end in the 1st round. Silva wasn't joking around when he said that. Oh ****.... Btw, for those of you who think Seagal is a fake, watch this video and you'll see him training with them near the end.
  4. Did you see that flying spinning crouching tiger flying dragon kick to the face? Daaaayyum!! That looked like it hurt!! And it probably did seeing as how Sonnen's face cringed and his body went outta control. Damn, poor Sonnen. Better luck next time. My suggestion would be to move either up to LHW or move down to WW and have a run at the title. I'd like to see GSP vs. Sonnen because I believe that fight would be EPIC. Not to mention, I wouldn't mind seeing Sonnen as champion.. and moving up or down a weight class is the only chance he'll ever have at becoming the champ because Silva absolutely DESTROYED him. Destroyed is an understatement. More like obliterated So anyways... now that Sonnen is lying on the canvas like a "dead", decapitated Zombie, what is next for Silva? GSP? Nick "Don't Be Scared Homie!" Diaz? Carlos Conduit? Rematch with Belfart? See, this is the problem... the only fights left for him at MW are all rematches. Silva ALSO needs to move up or down a weightclass...preferably up.
  5. My Response : I still don't care :D:D It's not like you posted a video anyways. Might as well add a video link to your post because there are probably still other people out there that still have not seen the faceoff.. Just saying.
  6. I don't care if it's been posted already. ANDERSON SILVA IS PISSED!!! Silva's going to kill Sonnen. I like both fighters but I'm going to have to go with Silva on this one. Silva's gonna hurt Sonnen but Sonnen will keep pushing. The dude has serious willpower, determination, and heart and it will show on the 7th of July. Guaran-damn-teed. But it still won't change the fact that he's gonna get his *** beat
  7. GSP's a ****ing BEAST!! I've been watching his videos and his leg seems to be at almost 100%. GSP's a freak of nature!!
  8. In a recent interview, Carlos Conduit said he was following GSP's youtube channel to study his training videos. This should be illegal. Fighters should not be allowed to creep on other fighters Youtube Channels. Why? Because this gives them an advantage over their opponent which is obviously unfair. But whatever, Even though Conduit studies GSP's training vids, he still won't be able to beat him LOL!!! He's just gonna run again except this time, he'll hop over the border... border as in fence... I mean, the Octagon Cage Don't be scared homie. Conduit and Guida should star as a couple in the next Dancing With The Stars Episode.
  9. Well, not a fist fight but they get in an argument when they're getting checked up by the doctors LOL. I was actually surprised because it was the first time I've never seen Clay act like this after a fight. He was complaining and cussing... something I don't expect from Guida. Here's the vid. Just watch the whole thing and the Guida/Maynard confrontation will show up somewhere in the video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yxc4sL-gmlg&feature=g-all-u
  10. :eek::eek::eek: Belcher via gogoplata in round 2. After that he sends Belfort out on a stretcher, Belcher should face the FORMER UFC Middleweight Champion, Anderson Silva and send him home to retirement.
  11. All he does is whine and complain until he gets a rematch and the UFC gives him it. WTF Bro?!?! Why not give someone else a title shot for once? Why does it always have to be EDGAR, EDGAR, EDGAR all the time? Why not Nate Diaz? Donald Cerrone? Edgar is robbing other people of their title shot. He needs to back off for once and stop complaining. The proper way of getting a title shot is working your way up the ladder, not ****ing whining. If Frankie beats Bendo, I'm gonna be PISSED. Very PISSED. And you won't like me when I'm pissed. **** Frankie!! **** Clay ACHIN, and his **** cheeseburger eating brother!!
  12. I wanna see that fight but first, I'd like to see Werdum face Frank Mir. That fight would be ****ing SIIICKK!! Especially if it went to the ground. Just imagine the ground war they'll be having lol. It'd be entertaining to watch. And after Werdum gets done with Mir, he's gonna go on to knock out JDS and become the NEWWWWWWWWWWW HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE WORLD. How does that sound? WAR WERDUM!! WARDUMM!!!
  13. I don't see anyone else but Cain being his next opponent. I mean, who else deserves a title shot? Roy Nelson? No, he just came off one win, previously losing 2 or 3 fights in a row. Bigfoot Silva? Lol. No. Cain destroyed him. Destroyed is an understatement. He absolutely, completely, manhandled him. Let's see... who else is a "top" contender? Stefan Struve? LOL! Yeah, right. He got KTFO'ed by JDS and he'd get KTFO'ed again. So now we're left with one choice... Cain Velasquez. If you find anyone else is more deserving of a title shot, please let me know. I previously thought Lavar would be a top contender but after tonight, he still has a lot to learn. Although, if he fights JDS, he wouldn't have to worry about submissions.. Who else is a top contender besides Cain? I don't think there's anyone else... well, Shane Carwin is one... but he has to make his return first. And plus, he got beat down by JDS... Either way, JDS is stuck with rematches because he's already faced all the top contenders and beat them. To sum it all up, JDS will be the HW champion for a very long time.
  14. whole entire time. ****ing pisses me off. Like what Jim Miller did to Nate Diaz. You punk *** *****!! You scared homie!! All he did was grab Diaz every single time he threw a punch. Don't be scared homie. I'm sick of these ****ing fake *** fighters grabbing and humping each other against the cage for 15-25 minutes STRAIGHT!! That's not called fighting. That's called being a gay 1 cent, male prostitute. Stop touching each other and ****ing FIGHT, you damn *******. Grabbing and humping does not = Fighting. Get that straight mother****er!! Fake fighters... winning by grabbing each other... those aren't real wins. This isn't the Ultimate ****** Championships. If it was, then yeah, **** and touch each other all you want. But no, this isn't the Ultimate ****** Championship. This is the Ultimate FIGHTING Championship. So fight mother****er and don't be scared HOMIE!!!!
  15. Lol, things are starting to get heated between the two. JDS said Frank Mir wasn't a man and that he's a quitter who pretends to get hurt during fights. He has no courage and gives up. That's what JDS said. And Mir basically said he was going to break JDS's arm. He also said that JDS is only a boxer... and not a mixed martial artist LOL. I love it!! Watch the Primetime video if you haven't already!
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