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  1. I want a rematch between cruz and faber...... the fight was really close. cruz might have landed more but faber dropped cruz a couple of times... i really want to see a rematch! cruz-faber 3! now who's with me?! haha
  2. Anderson has this one....just hope he does not underestimate Okami.......
  3. Don frye, he won 2 ufc tournaments.... mark coleman..3
  4. yeah it was unfortunate ...but he did bounce back when he KO'ed scott in their rematch.
  5. yeah cung is new in mma...but is a very experienced striker.. but this is mma though.
  6. fights cung le? cung le kicks often and kicks hard and kicks from all angles. their both real good strikers.... i think silva has better, more accurate hands though.... this is my first thread so please be nice
  7. now at feather weight...he started as middleweight at tuf show.......i think he'll do good in this division.
  8. i'm new in the community...just wanted to say hello
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