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  1. People are underestimating Vitor. As well as keep thinking of the 19yr old Vitor. Especially over wrestling. Vitor is light on his feet & is good at stuffing TD's. IMO, it seems that Weidman is already looking past Vitor:::: A.Johnson, Bisping, Rockhold, & Hendo.
  2. LMAO!! Fighters were winning EVEN being on TRT??? Thats news to me. Vitor was the ONLY one winning out of a whole roster of fighters.
  3. This. Honda's Chin is VERY suspect!! . . . There's NO AMOUNT of Judo/Bjj training that you could do that makes your chin better - especially reacting to getting hit.
  4. LMAO!! This. Cyborg drops to 135 & looks AMAZING! . . . Honda gets knee injury (out for 1yr) - In meantime, Honda go does movie(s) and. . . .? Gets hurts again after Cyborg wins her 2nd fight. Honda is out w/ either Cankle or back injury (fight postponed again) . . Watch .
  5. Seems like there was blood work which was also taken: http://instagram.com/p/wwRh1_MDCn/?modal=true 3wks ago (Jon Jones): . . . It'll be interesting if these results will undergo review. Keeps unraveling.
  6. Vitor is a dangerous fighter for anyone in the UFC. On PED's or not. As usual w/ Vitor's fights - I expect fireworks. Gonna be gud!
  7. One thing I've come to learn while watching fighters careers is: NEVER underestimate Vitor. EVER.
  8. I would LOVE to see that fight! . . . but as things are - lets see things play out. Hopefully Dana & Fertitta can convince McGregor to wait that long lol.
  9. Exactly. Mizugaki is tough. Caught me off guard when Cruz went in 4 da kill lol. Oh, what I thought was awesome as **** - was after when Cruz won, the ****er calmed his breathing & emotions. That's VERY HARD to do w/ adrenaline surging lol. Gained my respect.
  10. Even tho most of da ufc cards have been sucking. This card is AMAZING! I would call this da "Dog Fight" card. . . . Plus I tip my hat to Bellator - for pumping out tough ****ing fighters
  11. ^^ This. Lady Paul Harris is thanking her lucky stars right now that she doesn't have someone like Michelle Waterson in her weight class. Would be exposed on an epic level. . . . Then again, she does have Holly Holm - who won't come in w/ the most idiotic game plan like the previous cans.
  12. Now you've gone from CorporalClegg to CorporalDerp. Coenen got her **** beat for 4 ****ing rds!! Coenen even tried a judo toss & ended up getting back suplexed on her goddamn head. . . Cyborg struggled, pffft. Tell me what do these people have in common: Shayna Baszler Marina Shafir Jessmyn Duke Ronda Rousey Jake Ellenberger (hint: unibrow) Must not be that good at striking. CHIN CHECK!
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