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  1. Uuumm if you look at his record he's finished plenty of Welterwieghts. But that picture is hilarious it's like and oreo cookie.
  2. He said in an post fight interview he's eventually going to 185 because 170 is just too much for him but he's planning to stop gaining weight then dropping it when he has a fight I guess he's going on a strict diet. Maybe he'll move up after he fights Howard or something.
  3. He's talking about the scissors lol. Get it? scissors lesbians.......no?
  4. These "Just BLEED" fans need to get off of Rumble's back he's given us plenty of Ko's and he displayed something new in his arsenal and it was pretty good he did not gas like we all expected. Say good bye to that red haired clown who doesn't improve his own game.
  5. What he shat on Hardy in the stand up anyways. Hardy had no chance if it continued standing.
  6. What an improvement he's done with his ground work and we all thoght he'd gas but he was fine. LOL at the booing he gets by those drunken tards because hes trying to improve his game all round.
  7. Flying_Lotus

    Twister Eddie

    Wow who saw that coming I also watch 10th planet vids on youtube that submission was awesome and so clean Rogan was excited lol. Jung played it smart this time and tooled Leonards corny ***.
  8. the hell it's still snowing near the end of March where in the hell is the warm weather! There's only hail storms and flurries outside doesn't make sense at all.
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