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  1. How is a guy that finishes fights in brutal fashion not exciting?
  2. Yes, I agree on No. 6. He should take advice from someone that got completely destroyed by Jones. Thats a good start.
  3. TommyCWood

    After UFC 152

    Big fans of both and that would be murder for Bones.
  4. Vitor will stand in front of Jones not knowing what to do, just like every one of his opponents.
  5. I heard Brock called out Fedor to save the event but it was too late.
  6. TommyCWood

    Lyoto Machida

    Lol then he wouldn't have a business.
  7. I think Shogun has more of a chance than Vitor. Lol
  8. TommyCWood

    Lyoto Machida

    You just described the word "ducking"
  9. Says Sonnen won't get shot if beating Forrest. Gives him immediate shot to save his ****.
  10. TommyCWood

    Lyoto Machida

    Lol ESPN is a great source for MMA.
  11. TommyCWood

    Lyoto Machida

    Machida is a coward and forever a duck.
  12. Jones/Sonnen would be one of the most lopsided fights ever.
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