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  1. What a really interesting and diverse thread this is.
  2. Who cares tbh? He looks fine, liek he usually does. If his fist hits your face, you're crumpling like tissue paper, period.
  3. I can't decide whether the OP is a troll or just plain fails. Actually, I'll go with the second. Daley is an awesome striker, didn't get him far vs Kos. Why not you ask? Because his game was neutralized. If you think GSP can't neutralize someone in that fashion, then you seriously have no f'in clue what you are talking about and might aswell quit your account and don't come back. Daley is really heavy handed but there's no way he'd beat GSP. Hell, Diaz will probably take him down and that will be that. Learn your stuff before failing noob scrub.
  4. War_l0rd

    P4P Criteria

    Fighting in a higher weight division means jack if you are equal to/ just as big as your opponents anyway. It does when you are Penn or Fedor, and you fight people significantly bigger. Penn fought Machida ffs. Anyone else can GTFO.
  5. Remember when trolls were funny and/ or brought something new to the table? Yeh. Me neither.
  6. Sonnen dominated Silva for 4.5 rounds so his game plan can't have been that bad now can it? I know he lost, I didn't say he didn't. He's been subbed like 10 times, which is his main downfall.
  7. GSP p4p no1, gtfo and watch K1 scrub.
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