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  1. FrostyWalnut


    Id like to see Pat Miletich in there
  2. Why is Machida vs Munoz in Japanese on the schedule
  3. http://www.bjpenn.com/tuf-finalist-mike-ricci-released-by-ufc/ Good riddance
  4. What's wrong with keeping JBJs bottle? I met Lemmy Kilmeister from motorhead when I was bout 15, and he gave me a half eaten bag of famous famous cookies... I saved the wrapper. It'll mean someone to that person, I bet. I look at it as being interactive with the fans. Yea but Lemmy is god
  5. Does it cost anymore of you're on the side of the celebrities.. Because I've noticed that they have the floor seats but a kind of blocked off section of the front just for them
  6. And I wanna be there to witness it hahah. Good way to see one of my favorites be laid to rest by 'Merica
  7. FrostyWalnut

    Ticket prices

    So I've been to two UFC events in Seattle and for around 300$ I got more then decent seats about 8 rows back from the press My question is..I'm wanting to go to Silva vs Weidman 2 and I want to be down there where all the fighters sit..I'm gonna be able to purchase the early pre-sale ..And im willing to drop a lot on this ticket since I'm traveling all the way to Vegas..Anyone know what price I might be looking at for a ticket that close? I'm guessing around 1k?
  8. http://www.mmafighting.com/2013/9/9/4713398/matt-riddle-announces-retirement-from-mma-following-rib-injury
  9. http://www.trainingmask.com/ufc-veteran-sean-sherk-is-retiring-from-ufc/ I was hoping to see one more out of him
  10. Discuss...While I drown my sorrows with whiskey
  11. Not http://www.bjpenn.com/quick-twitt-mayhem-miller-attacks-dana-white/
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