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  1. First off i would like to say thank you for the great laugh it made my day to see your crazy opinion when in all reality Kongo will be lucky if he gets a good combo in before taking a nap!!! And as for the other part i made bold, Thats Kongo's problem they are not fighting on paper they are fighting in the cage!!!
  2. Who do you guy's have for this one, I'm pulling for Matt i love how he fight's and is always happy while he is in the cage! Plus i believe he gonna have a little something extra for Kongo seeing as how he just had a fight witch he won by KO an told Joe the reason he just walked away was because he think's it's not right to jump on a out cold fighter!! An then Kongo turned around an jumped all over Mitrione's Friend being Pat Barry When he was very clearly out cold, So for that reason i believe Matt is gonna be looking to hurt Kongo an use him to make a point!!!!
  3. Ok as most of you know Sonnon vs Stann is Num.1 contender fight, Unless somehow it turns out really boring an sorry, Then it will be the winner of Bisping vs Mayhem Miller But that is not likely.... Anyway lets say Stann wins via (T)ko/sub an he gets the shot at the belt, Do you guys think Anderson would drop his hands like that an let Stann throw fist his way an Do you guys think it would be Stupid for Anderson to drop his hands with Stann??
  4. I had pearson winning it, I mean he was clearly the one being aggressive an controlling the cage but i had the striking being 50/50 Barboza may been faster an throwing crazy shots but pearson was coming in tagging him pretty good
  5. Maybe you should go watch all Silva's fights an then you will see why cheal is num.1 contender, i know how the fight went is not really a reason for it but when it comes right down to it thats just it cheal is the only one that even made it a fight
  6. Haha Yea that would be a good one, Mitrione is my favorite HW though so i would hope he he could knock brock clean out cold before brock has the chance to enforce some lay an pray, but i rather him just fight Kongo an keep taking steps up the ladder instead or a big leap!!
  7. Lol just another i wanna suck A. Silva's **** nut hugger poor people
  8. An no i am not thinkin SkyScapper will win i pulling for Barry Thats why i got the Lumber jake leg kicks up there an put my vote on it
  9. Just to keep things clear an troll hunters out im a Pat Berry fan
  10. What is up with the UFC an Pat Berry?? He must have really pissed somebody off first Kongo now Skyscraper, I feel sorry for Pat this fight is not even gonna be fair will he even be able to reach Skyscrapers face??? Let me know how you guys feel about this or if you know anything he had done to make this happen!!
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