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  1. GN_FDU

    Cut MTP

    Some of you bros need to get his wang out yo moufs. Stop slurping on this fool so much.
  2. Who was the noob always claiming MVP was the next best thing? LOLLOLOLOLROFLCOPTER
  3. Ponzinibbio vs Showtime? That's a fight I want to see!
  4. I'm still not sold on Asskren. Let's see if Masvidal's wrestling can stop the Funk machine's takedowns.
  5. I can't say how I scored that fight, but it definitely was not a 49-46. Those judges were too busy hitting the crack pipe during the fight.
  6. I'm no fan of BJ Penn, but there are always two sides to every story. She should have reported this a long time ago regardless of BJ's social status. I think women do this ish just to get money out of the divorce.
  7. It's too bad he didn't cut weight from the legs. I hope he smacks the beard off that phony knee grow. "I'm the greatest ever. I'm the best there is. My legacy is better than GSP. I'ma be a three division weight champion. What? Fight Usman you say? Nah, I can't do that yet."
  8. Yolo was finna creampie dat **** till he was forced to pull out. Costa dodged a bullet.
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