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  1. What's annoying me is somehow if Fight Club is in a second tab, I log in and it takes over the first tab too. wtf?
  2. So you're denying that there is a strong gang culture among the black community? Or that some will live off welfare and food stamps rather than try pursuing a good career? Or that NAACP regularly will make race an issue in a case such as Trayvon Martin, when there was no indication from the 911 operator or police reports that it was racially motivated? I'm not going to deny I have a negative view regarding a lot of ******** like the Trayvon Martin case, or the many black people I see coming into the store where I work, buying tons of junk with EBT cards, and pulling out thick wads of cash to buy their "numbers" for the day before goign to the casino. There are subcultural problems in our country in many ethnic groups. For whites, there are a fair number of trailer trash who will live off unemployment/food stamps/ etc...sitting at home smoking dope and meth and having kids they don't care to raise. Doesn't call me racist, I'm a realist. I judge the individual based on what I observe of their actions and lifestyle, not their skin. Subculture groups have developed around skin color, and scumbag behavior in circles is learned, copied, repeated, and accepted. That becomes basis for stereotypes and racist thinking, because there is a true root of it.
  3. It was made into a race issue. He was never identified as black by Zimmerman, only as wearing a black hoodie with the hood up. This is what happens, NAACP and others see a possible media payday, and turn it into one. Racism today is inspired by minorities who constantly cry wolf, while others of their ethnic background live by crime and vice, while taking everything they can from the government system.
  4. Show proof Henderson was ever promised a rematch with Silva. So Henderson, with all his allegedly legendary skills, lost a rematch he should've been able to win. Maybe it wasn't the fighter, time and weight he wanted? Wandy was beefy, but his height and reach were a little small compared to other 205ers. Also, while you can try to claim Wandy was juicing, Hendo is the one on TRT right now trying desperately to improve his legacy. I don't hate Hendo, but I do hate all the hype he doesn't deserve. I don't like him, think he's an egotistical prick, and will rely on dirty strikes to seal a win. I don't like him at all, but it's not hate, that's totally different. And yes, that was a draw. While Hendo battered Shogun badly in round 3, Shogun was also able to threaten with a leglock and even battle back and take the action to Hendo for the last minute. Meanwhile Hendo could barely get off his stool for the final round, and literally was able to do nothing except escape mount to get mounted again. It was a draw and should've been a draw. If I were a blind fan I'd try arguing Shogun should've won, just like you're arguing Hendo deserved a W.
  5. One thing he can claim is undeniable, the greatest karateka in fight history.
  6. I'm just confused what he's proud of Mexicans doing. Letting their country degrade more and more, growing cartel violence, more of them fleeing their own country and illegally entering another? Or maybe he's proud of the tourist destinations?
  7. Wrong. Hendo is one of the most overhyped fighters there is. People talk about his "Olympic-level wrestling skill". His Olympic record is something like 2-4 and never medaled. He's a 1- dimensional guy who relies on brawling to win. His grappling is nothing impressive at all to the MMA world. His striking has no variety of technique, just keep throwing the right with everything he's got and use the left to make opening. He has no striking defense to speak of, other than an oddly hard head that has never been KO'd. His record is nothing to boast of, as he has lost to as many good fighters as he's beaten, and he runs his mouth like a moron. His prima-donna attitude has led him around to so many promotions it's funny UFC will still take him back for the crap he's given them before. There are more reasons to dislike and downrate Hendo than call him a legend. I won't say he's a bad fighter, because he's not bad, he's a very good one. He's just not a great.
  8. Don't care what Edgar says about other people's fights. I'm still suspicious of how hard he's been pushed into the limelight the past couple years by Dana and Co. Then again...maybe he knows about a payoff!
  9. I wouldn't be surprised to see more talent slowly coming from Russia and other former Soviet nations. Sambo is one pretty solid style that translates well to mma.
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