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  1. carnages

    British have no humor

    lel "minority" The majority of Britains are soy boys
  2. oh and Justin sucks, his wrestling is dogchit. Chandler will take him down and creampie him
  3. Jones has never taken drugs, he just has BBC genetics and practices nofap
  4. i dont even know who this islam dude is, all these dagascrandies look the same that being said, anyone has a chance against peahead, dude absolutely sucks
  5. We can do a shoey together after Tai knocks out Ngannu
  6. When the **** has peahead dominated a fight? You even had an aneurysm typing that dumb chit That hill billy gets his as* kicked in every fight and wins by some luck of the irish bullchit. Conor, Hooker, Justin, Eddie and Pettis all kicked his as* Do Bronx is going to send Jollies Wife home on a stretcher
  7. rematch with MJ or Bobby Green, they both send him home on a stretcher
  8. lol not really a diss at Max, he has no business at LW unless its a money fight with Conor
  9. You need to take the red pill with Mauro, they are ALL that stupid even Jollie unfortunately
  10. Porier is lifelong number 2 guy, he ain't beating De Bronx lmao, he ain't beating anyone for the title unless its a made up belt against a 145er
  11. Do you really? You don't understand female nature of hypergamy then, Conor has a suite of rolls royces, Porier has a Cadillac or some garbage. Jollie would risk it all for even a 0.5% chance of a life with McGregor
  12. whats your original name on the forum? always JoshNOS?
  13. He said Dustins Wife/Husband was in his DMs, which is true. She is trying to get a red panty night with McGregio, can't blame her/him!
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