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  1. if Kevin isn't the champ, who is? Khabib!? LMFAO, the idiot who can't fight half the year due to some fasting bullchit
  2. Letting you know that he has a title AND a title shot DUMMY
  3. Updated the thread with The Kings win over Donald
  4. The fans know a scrap when they see one, and that was NOT a scrap
  5. Conor beats your favourite fighters with their own moves, stay mad DUMMY
  6. makes sense, he was d!cking diaz, until Diaz tried to suck his d!ck against the fence. Probably could not defend the grappling due to the injured hand
  7. kills anyone who doesn't suck his dik
  8. sick fight between two BANGERS
  9. lmao even Kebab couldn't take down Conor consistently and his foot was a fooking BALLOON Cerrone is getting KO'd 3-4 times in this fight, The King doesn't dive in for TKOs, he'll make the boy drop dead
  10. agreed, great thread
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