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  1. Female Tyson is going to crush Ian for saying that. RIP Uncle Creepy
  2. waikru

    DC is a FAT CAN

    DC is a fat can. Jones proved that.
  3. You're a little off topic
  4. Rousey probably will be GOAT when it is all said and done. LOL at people on this forum discrediting her opponents. She was the only one in UFC history to defend her title against two undefeated challengers.
  5. Brock has to face the new and improved Mir first.
  6. I'm sure some of these noobs actually think that Pettis will lose, but they are just retarded.
  7. I don't know why forum members were picking DC. Jones already beat down DC in their first fight.
  8. Sorry, but Ronda has a real movie career unlike that poor excuse for an actor.
  9. I think the idea behind it is far greater than the photoshop itself.
  10. It was my schtick before it was Wedo's schtick you can
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