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  1. I miss being able to play touchbutt with dorks in the park....
  2. Do you support him by buying his snake oil, too?
  3. Like interdimensional child molesters? Or Obama the lizard man?
  4. I'm honestly surprised that they haven't deplatformed him yet. He gets a lot of his crap from Alex "They're making the fricken frogs gay!" Jones.
  5. Twitter is a far left echo chamber, broham. Is normal....
  6. I didn't say Catholics, and I didn't mention kid fisting. I was referring to the LEGENDARY Jerry Fallwell Jr and his love of being cucked. Remind the class how the Bible feels about adultery, Rev Rob.
  7. It isn't worth condemning all Christians, but leaders of the Christian community have a history of denouncing sexual deviance while being sexual deviants.
  8. Business is bad enough as it is, UFC can't afford to have cards screwed over by juicers getting caught.
  9. Gonna be great when Izzy sleeps muscle suit Ricky Martin.
  10. Masvidal mauls Edwards on the streets where there's no referee to save him.
  11. Rumble will be champ inside of 3 fights. Coming back after the only two fighters with a better than 75% chance of beating him automatically puts an asterisk beside his name, though.
  12. I gotta say, if you are going to go after a guy with a rifle, don't half **** it. Whole **** it or no **** it. If you have a pistol and standing over him at point blank range after he took a skateboard to the head, he should be dead and both of your arms should be whole.
  13. Given how different Illinois and Wisconsin are; population density, ethnic make up, income diversity, interstate travel, tourism, etc., it shouldn't be that much of a surprise. Even if there is a concerted effort to skew the numbers in one direction or another.
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