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  1. Goldie has health problems, wether it be he's sick or snowed under. The art class story is obviously a flimsy attempt at hiding what's really going on. Dana refuses to talk about what's going on & when he does all he has to say is "Goldberg is taking a break & I don't know when he'll be back". The only time you don't know when someone like that will be back is when they are in rehab or have serious health problems. My money is on the rehab.
  2. That ***** Mendez wouldn't allow them to fight anyway, one of them would have to leave that gym in order for that fight to happen. Mendez would just ***** & moan as he always does, all he gives a **** about is how many titles he can hang on his walls so he can try to get more business through his gym & line his pockets.
  3. I dunno which is better, your link or Chael's story.
  4. Reem is a no class juicer, who gives a crap what he says. Can't wait for him to face JDS or Cain, either of them will hand him a flogging. I reckon Carwin would smash him to if he ever gets fight ready again.
  5. I'm a fan of both, that was a mauling. Anyone that thinks different is a fool. Cain dished out a good old fashioned *** whooping & to Junior's credit he took it all & stayed in the game. Both should be proud of themselves. As for Rogan, he's a good commentator, he gets a bit carried away at times but who cares? Would you prefer some moron that doesn't put any passion into thier work & doesn't know what they hell they are talking about? In other words, would you rather Goldie as the primary commentator?
  6. Yeah becasue as we all know only americans can fight. Must be wonderfull to be so stupid. Watch the show dopey, you'll be surprised, no doubt about that. There's just not much of this ***** wrestling crap that americans have to resort to using to dominate fights. Both countries are striking based & if you want a good stand up war, these are the two countries you want the fighters to be from. I see the crap you write on here all the time Yesterdays_Nobody. Your an idiot & the forum would be far better off without you.
  7. Well that's just plain stupid & you wouldn't be seeing that many more ppv's if they allowed that crap in the UFC. Allowing ped's would spell the end of the UFC. The sport is alredy struggling to be accepted in the mainstream because people can't get any further than thinking it's nothing more than a bloodsport. All those politicians & other ***** that already do everything they can to block this sport would just have that much more ammunition to use. That would put the ufc & mma back to the dark ages. Seriously, think something through properly before you go spouting such crap. I & about 80% of others want to see the best man win, not the man that's managed to fill himself with the most drugs. I want to see the guy that has trained hardest, has the best skills & manages to put it all together on the night win, not some juice box that has little resemblence to an athlete. Seeing as the UFC can see the big picture that your obviously missing they are abiding by the rules regarding ped's. That means it's not up to Dana or anyone else involved in the UFC if reem can fight.
  8. I just don't like Fubar, sorry Faber, so it's Cruz for me.
  9. Fitch the *****. I just can't see how he can be so highly regarded when he's not a finisher.
  10. 5. I just don't like the guy. He's a great fighter but as a person I just can't bring myself to like him at all.
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