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  1. He foughta heavyweight and still whooped his ****. That chit was inspirational! Carnage add this boy to the list of fighters who beat giants!
  2. Lol ur boy got outstruck and will imposed on. Perry wanted to work his clinch bows against the cage but luque was holding on for DEAR life
  3. Youre prolly one of those dudes who thought diego lost to kampmann because his face got rearranged despite him whooping martins azz. Give Luque the last round (he didnt win it anyway) and he still lost 29-28. Dude got outboxed the first 2 rounds. You're holding a huge L tonight after those garbage xbox takes on this fight regardless
  4. This bum literally only won because of blood lmfao. Judges who scored it for Luque are the same dudes who thought Robbie vs rory was a banger.. SAD
  5. All this talk about Robbie post USADA... Did u not see his 40 yr old gains? Dude is STILL on drugs. He just cant fight!
  6. At least bj isnt trying to give fighters BJ's like the suicide squad star in your AV
  7. 12 but whos counting? Legitamely the biggest can to ever hold a world title.
  8. Look at the separation in the upper chest and delts of robbie. Dude is on all kinds of drugs and hes still gonna be forced to sing the national anthem when he wakes up to colby and the trumps standing over his dead body
  9. He hasnt legitamely lost a fight in 15 years and i couldnt be more serious....
  10. How have these 30 fight UFC vets who have never held a title (also known as jobbers or in this case high tier jobbers) never fought each other yet?
  11. Ive been a dedicated King chaos fan for years now. When you train with masvidal for 8 years you become an honorary gangster. Same way Lauzon going out to Hawaii holding pads, getting the 3 foot pools to jump out of cleaned, and feeding him strawberries cut to precise for BJ made him not a can for a while . Butt grabber? Hes gonna molest rubbie luller aka the dude with the ginger son ALL HANDS
  12. Why didnt nobody tell me this chit was on during middle of the got dayum day!? Thankfully im such a dedicated king colby fan i did a Google search on him randomly just now to catch his latest assault on the nerds, virgins, and snowflakes and noticed we're live.
  13. Banham

    The CANS of UFC 239

    Theres just something about these rockhold meltings that i find hilarious.. Its like he always gets popped by a left hook and he makes this hilarious looking face like hes in purgatory and needs 1 more brutal follow up shot in order to be sent to the shadow realm to which his opponents oblige
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