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  1. what a junkie you sound like i bet you work at the hot pocket factory loser...
  2. didnt fedor retire after his last beat down? remember when people thought he was good? what a joke! anyone can win against the pack of no names he fought, just look at him he is a weakling.
  3. i think it is clear that sf heavyweight div is better than ufc really all ufc has is lesnar, who got beaten in some freak accident by some unknown dude, and who then didnt get his match against some other wierd foreign guy b/c of dana white politiks. it is clear ufc is trying to get the hispanic viewership by promoting hispanic "champions" while SF is still being real and letting the big boys go at it i bet you lashley would dominate dos santos OR cain "the mexi-CAN" velasquez. the whole SF div HW has gotten so much better bc dana white is pandering
  4. not really, its just that you are obviously stupid, this involves SF and UFC
  5. so when the strike force champion is named, will he be the top dude in mma? he will be the linear hw champ of mma, and i dont see anyone in the ufc being able to compete with these dudes, personally, i think the finals will be barnett v silva, with barnett winning by 1st round tko, and then barnett taking the ufc title from santos or valasquez easily what do yall think?
  6. people get so crazy about white players, he is just another above average player(like bird) who gets heralded b/c we live in a racist society
  7. damn that is some terrible news. the man is a lagend in the ring and his posts on this forum were epic too. its not every day we get famous people on the forum. one of the greats of combat sports has dissappeared forever and he will allways be missed. at least he is finally back with his long time love, the beautiful miss elizabeth.
  8. i mean seriously, it was just one match, shoot forrest griffin still has fans and he was made to look like a coward who runs away and cries.
  9. are there any more brockistadors anymore? i remember those guys used to rnu the forum, now i dont see anyone with that in their sig.
  10. that sounds like something that will only happen in third world countries.
  11. hes just a nasty little man gotta love it.
  12. i would love to see money come to the UFC. I think he is one boxer who has a great chance of dominating his weight class, and he is never going to fight pac man...soooo... i know it wont realistically happen b/c the money isnt there, but in a fantasy world, boy this would be great. i would love to see a real boxer in his prime take on top level mma talent, personally, i think it would be a very quick ko for the boxer. did anyone else see the sylia fight? man that was impressive, but then randy nearly did the same thing to toney, who should have gotten another chance like brock did. mayweather vs GSP MAKE IT HAPPEN!
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