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  1. with Fedor fans abusing him haha.
  2. there are 46,000 american troops still in iraq, all other nations have withdrawn. cost of 1 soldier in iraq for 1 year costs $390,000 $9 billion taxpayers money spent in iraq since 2004. $6.6 billion earmarked for iraq reconstruction was lost and reported stolen from the U.S. taxpayers money On June 14, 2011 a Special inspector general for Iraq reconstruction Stuart Bowen Stated that the Last known holder of the $6.6 billion lost was the U.S. government.
  3. sorry i mean Afghanistan and Iraq. which may i also add is where the worlds largest opium fields are up i think it was between 80-85% of the world opiums supplies are grown there. just a coincidence? i think not.
  4. nuh uh the first spell i would perfect would be my magic unbreakable condom spell
  5. wizard would pwn all others and can mind control girls to do what i want. which would be...give me a blow job then swallow my sp3rm then while waiting for me to be ready for another, let me rest my balls in their mouth.
  6. do not believe everything you hear or read in from Mass Media...why are their thousands of troops still in the middle east...pulled out of iraq..not home though.
  7. ye you see George Bush was actually white contrary to popular belief
  8. GSP has excellent striking...he just never wants to showcase it because he is too caught up in not wanting to excite the fans who made him the celebrity he is today.
  9. that after Andy kod Belfort he has put a crack in his chin that will lead to Vitor not being able to take a solid hit like he could before that fight? we have seen it happen to other fighters... Chuck...Rampage put a crack in his chin that haunted him in his following fights. Rashad...Machida. Wandy...just getting ko'd over time and that relentless style where he took shots all night. sure their are others but i cant think of anymore so what do you guys think? Will Vitor still be able to take solid shots or is he another fighter who will start to suffer Ko losses.
  10. why all the excitement and what legacy? he is 3-2 in MMA 3-3 after tonight
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