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  1. I agree with him, his wrestling matches up well with GSP imo and GSP doesn't want Johny's left hand on his chin!! Johny: I have no reason to believe anything other than he?s ducking me. GSP is the Champion and he shouldn?t let emotions get the best of him and be calling out a fighter that has got in his head. He should be fighting the best fighter in line..... Full Interview here ----> http://addictedmma.com/story-Exclusives_9744_Johny-Hendricks--GSP-Is-Ducking-Me.php
  2. Next year in Newcastle. Freeman is more than up for it, should be a great scrap. http://addictedmma.com/story-Front-page_9354_Freeman-returns-to-face-Rodriguez-at-UWC-22.php
  3. Basically what it says in the title. Two hot chicks being filmed Gets a bit freaky at the 2:00 mark mind you :eek: http://addictedmma.com/story-Exclusives_8922_Shock-N-Awe-Ring-Girl-PhotoShoot.php
  4. This kid is SICK!! (Check out the crazy KO vid in the link for proof) He is so Anderson Silva"esque" it's insane. He's signed to the SFL and Bellator on deals so he's going to have a VERY busy 2012/13/14. If his ground game or TD defence is upto scratch the strewth he'll be a world beater. http://addictedmma.com/story-Front-page_8552_Bellator-FC-sign-the-UK039s-quotAnderson-Silvaquot-Michael-Page-to-MultiFight-Deal.php
  5. Phil is europe's number one flyweight, it's going to be great watching him in the Octagon!! http://addictedmma.com/story-News_8534_Phil-quotBillyquot-Harris-Signs-for-the-UFC.php
  6. Jimmy has been on a roll of late!! I'm backing him to get the job done on Good via TKO!! And yes i'm English! http://addictedmma.com/story-Front-page_8509_Good-vs-Wallhead-headlines-Welterweight-Tournament-At-Bellator-74.php
  7. After using TRT! http://addictedmma.com/story-Front-page_8182_Tito-Ortiz-brands-Forrest-Griffin-a-quotCheaterquot.php
  8. ANDERSON "THE SPIDER" SILVA (32-4) After all the hype had died down, after all the trash talk was silenced and all the smoke had cleared. Anderson Silva is STILL UFC middleweight champion, STILL undefeated in the UFC, and is STILL the greatest MMA fighter to have ever walked the planet. He cemented all this by silencing any questions remaining from his UFC 117 bout with Chael Sonnen, putting this rivalry to bed with a second round finish. The question as always, what next for the legendary Brazilian? Maia, Sonnen, Belfort, Okami, Franklin, Henderson....all disposed of. The next title contender seems like it will emerge from one of two bouts. Mark Munoz vs. Chris Weidman and Hector Lombard vs. Tim Boetsch both go down within the next two weeks, and it is one of these men who will likely get the nod to challenge for the title. Looking at the men involved, Munoz and Lombard seem like the standout candidates, if both of those men win their bouts, i expect Lombard to get the nod. But it's simply too up in the air right now to really narrow it down to one man. ANDERSON SILVA VS. LOMBARD/BOETSCH/MUNOZ/WEIDMAN CHAEL "AMERICAN GANGSTER" SONNEN (27-12-1) First off, let's give it up for the gangster from West Linn, he started UFC 148 just like he did UFC 117, by putting the Brazilian legend on his *** and keeping him there, raining down punches for five minutes. Unfortunately for Chael...... http://www.addictedmma.com/story-Blog_8123_I039ll-Take-This-One-Joe--Post-UFC-148-Matchma.php
  9. Over 30 guys asked and they're backing the champ! http://addictedmma.com/story-Front-page_8083_Predicted-for-Addicted-UFC-148.php
  10. http://addictedmma.com/story-Front-page_7893_Explosive-Welterweight-Paul-Semtex-Daley-Signs-for-Bellator-Fighting-Championships.php Gotta say, I saw this coming?
  11. just by 26:1. I thought Mir might have had a few more votes than that but meh! Me - JDS KO Round One!! http://addictedmma.com/story-Front-page_7651_Predicted-for-Addicted-UFC-146.php
  12. Great comeback BJ!!!! http://addictedmma.com/story-News_7568_BJ-Penn-Responds-To-Koscheck-Sorry-I039m-Not-.php
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