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  1. Lol seeing that Diaz couldn't do much to GSP I'm not too sure, and Carlos Condit... BJ PENN!!!!!!!!! Look what BJ Penn did to Nick Diaz, busted his face up good, imagine what Anderson Silva would do to BJ Penn, or Carlos Condit for that matter
  2. ^LMAO true BUT pretty damn good being a prediction since MMA math doesn't work, I mean who would've thought, Phil Davis would lose to Ryan Bader...
  3. 12er are you talking about the same guy that lost to Josh Koscheck? where was his blacksplosive power then LOL
  4. I wouldn't doubt that HNIC lol reason I didn't post this prediction was because people were hating on my other ones so I didn't even bother, but when it really happened I just had to, those 9 dislikers were probably Gus fans, and Johnson haters
  5. Lol what're you saying look at the date it was uploaded, I only posted it on the forum now because I wasn't home haha SAYS: Published on Jan 23 2015 Uploaded 2 days ago, nice try lol
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