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  1. He said he's not vacating no matter what. Should be interesting to see what Uncle Dana thinks. But I'm pretty sure all he's seeing are dollar signs. So he'll probably let Conor do whatever he wants.
  2. If I remember correctly you were a fan of both Aldo and Mcgregor...How are you feeling Spartacus?
  3. Not mad about the KO. Just rustled that Mcgregor beat Aldo first instead of ShowGOAT. But yes, Aldo got rekt.
  4. Dunno, both are fast. We'll find out tonight. Honestly I think it'll come down to Mcgregor cutting off the cage. He's pretty good at that. And Aldo fights pretty flat footed as well. I don't see Mcgregor shooting first but he might just to confuse Aldo..Or vice versa from Aldo shooting on Mcgregor. A very interesting fight.
  5. ZaGOAT

    Respect to Frankie

    Whats crazy is that Edgar actually has KO power when he feels like putting weight into his punches. Although you rarely see him do it. He's been so disciplined and would rather prefer speed and technique over power that when he does decide to throw power punches it catches everybody off guard.
  6. If Mcgregor beats Aldo tonight....My jimmies will be severely rustled. Because I know that ShowGOAT should have been the one to do it. Incredible fight card, haven't tuned into any fight cards very much the whole year. Whoever wins is gonna have a tough matchup in Frankie Edgar.
  7. Damnnnnn looks like I missed out. Next year.
  8. Karma for what he said about PettiGOAT.
  9. I actually don't watch her because I know shes fighting cans. But she is the GOAT at fighting cans. And I'm not even a fan of Cyborg because she is a Steroid CAN that needed roids to beat other CANS. So in other words, two cans.
  10. Shame we never got to see him fight Michael Bisping or Rematch Dan Henderson in that ****ing brawl that they had...Even though he was champ at one point; I feel like he is still overlooked and overshadowed by a lot of people. Rich was always a tough fight for anybody. Very sad to see him go.
  11. When I saw the thread title I thought you were going to tell Joe Rogan to have a talk with Nate Marquardt. Joe needs to have a talk with Nate.
  12. I don't know why people are so butthurt in here. They both fought like cans. What I can confirm is that Pettis would shREKT both. And lul @12er's jimmies in this thread. I thought you was a wrasslin' fan bro. You seemed pretty content with Henry Cejudo when that CAN couldn't even take down my boy Chico Camus and was eating combinations all night and he somehow won by Wall N Stalling. But when Eddie does it and wins you have a problem with it. C'mon m8 u n33d b3ttr b8.
  13. I love him because JDS can become champ again. But even if Werdum beats JDS I wouldn't even be mad.
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