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  1. mma is finally getting national tv time, and last nights event showed why i think this sport is the best of any to watch. it just pisses me off to see all the disses on shogun and vera for what was a great fight. ufc needed the main event to go balls to the wall and it did.as a long time mma fan,am glad to see it on a network that i watch the nfl on. the last fox card got really no attention cause of the mayweather fight and, and the evans vs davis main event nearly put me to sleep. two great opening fights, machida knocks bader out with a lucky punch with his eyes closed, and shogun and vera given all they got to please us the viewers. and in my eyes ruas win gets more praise then machidas, vera was fighting for his job, thats motavation to give your best if you ask me.
  2. that camp is garbage even bisping left, or keep getting layed and prayed on . go to brazil for a few months learn some bjj
  3. barboza seems to be the future of the division would like to see him face a fighter like maynard he just fought for the belt twice good striker vs wrestler match up
  4. youve probly never played a sport in ur life u cumdumpster
  5. u dudes dont get it not saying to let head kicks in but to take knee stomps out its dirty
  6. jon jones is the most guilty of this but seen silva do it but kicking straight down to fighters kness like he did to rua and rampage is some real dirty fighting if they allow him to do that then they should just allow kicks to head on downed opponents.its just as dangerous for fighters
  7. reward, he finished that fight on his back, mounted, eating leather if it would have gone in shogun's favor the rematch would set june or july
  8. i also think shogun mounted hendo enough times to even out those shots he got on shogun but hey great fight it was a draw = shogun hendo 2
  9. just rewatched if hendo dosent land those punches in first and third its a shogun win that fight was a draw make them fight again to get a clear winner just let them heal up and if you dont want them to fight again then your a hendo fan and dont want to see him fight shogun again.
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