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  1. Sharks gave up the tying goal with 3 seconds left, then won a shootout! We're undefeated!
  2. It's just that you are wrong on the 2 points you are trying to sell.
  3. I think you are biased. You bring up 2 things over and over: nothing really happened in the Capitol, and The BLM, etc., was way worse.
  4. I saw both guys miss a bunch of punches, Kane fell down, and Reeves landed on top of him. Reeves by boring decision.
  5. True or false: Evander Kane was proven innocent of sexual assault.
  6. You are overreacting to the media that you admit to hating. Reporting on the police killing people isn't the same as calling for the death penalty. I haven't been calling for anything, and have been purposely been staying out of that argument. My opinion is that the police frequently kill people because it's easier than arresting them. However, the people they are killing are usually scum bags, and shouldn't be made out to be heroes.
  7. Only a third of cops who are charged with murder are convicted, and it's usually manslaughter. LOL at cops going to prison for life.
  8. He was cleared of sexual assault charges.
  9. They weren't wearing masks or social distancing.
  10. If you were 5 in 1983, you're getting old, too! The Sharks might be down for a couple of years, but i don't blame Evander Kane. It's tough living on $7million a year in California! Also, he might sit out the year because he has a baby, and he's worried about covid, and he also wouldn't have any income for the bankruptcy creditors to take!
  11. OK, you jumped on the Oilers bandwagon in '83! Good choice picking the greatest team ever to become a fan! As for me, it's Sharks for life!
  12. I thought you were a Toronto fan? Are you picking all the Canadian teams, and then when they all get eliminated, you become a Penguins fan, like IDYB does every year?
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