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  1. All Time Most Games Played RK PLAYER GP 1 PATRICK MARLEAU 1,767 2 Gordie Howe 1,767 3 Mark Messier 1,756 4 Jaromir Jagr 1,733 5 Ron Francis 1,731 6 JOE THORNTON 1,668 7 Mark Recchi 1,652 8 Chris Chelios 1,651 9 Dave Andreychuk 1,639 10 Scott Stevens 1,635 11 Larry Murphy 1,615 12 Ray Bourque 1,612 13 ZDENO CHARA 1,598 14 Nicklas Lidstrom 1,564 15 Jarome Iginla 1,554 16 Alex Delvecchio 1,550 17 Johnny Bucyk 1,540 Shane Doan 1,540 19 Brendan Shanahan 1,524 20 Matt Cullen 1,516 21 Steve Yzerman 1,514 22 Mike Modano 1,499 23 Phil Housley 1,495 24 Wayne Gretzky 1,487 25 Rod Brind'Amour 1,484
  2. Washed up athletes seeking one last payday, happens in all sports!
  3. There seems to be 3 categories: Snuff movies Rape, torture. and mutilation Bizarre (Poop eating) The Human Centipede (First Sequence)/Film synopsis Two pretty but ditsy American girls are on a road trip through Europe. In Germany, they end up alone at night and when their car breaks down, they take shelter in an isolated villa. They wake in the morning to find themselves in a makeshift hospital along with a Japanese man. Here they meet a psychotic German surgeon whose life-long fantasy is to connect humans together via their gastric systems.
  4. It's on the lowest level of the chart, so I'll take your word for it. When I was 10 or 11 years old, there was a murder-suicide in my neighborhood. A guy drove up behind his girlfriend at a stop sign, got out, walked up to her car, and shot her. He then put the gun up to his head and blew his brains out. My brother saw the guy kill himself. I saw the dead body laying in the street. I avoid those types of movies, always have.
  5. I'm already on Google's list, they probably sent it to the FBI. I just searched the plot of 2 girls 1 cup, and now I get non stop graphic movie suggestions.
  6. You love the attention, you fooking ****!
  7. I can't vote unless I respond to all 4 questions. However, if I don't care, and won't be watching, questions 3 and 4 aren't relevant to me.
  8. I was curious about some of the things IDYB posts about, so I Googled "What is the plot of 2 girls, 1 cup." this was what I got: 2 Girls 1 Cup is the title of the trailer for Hungry ****es, a scat-****ographic movie produced by MFX Media. The trailer features two women defecating into a cup, taking turns eating the feces, and throwing it up into each other's mouths. Ok, I didn't expect it to be good, I thought it would either be violent or gross. There is no way I would ever look up the video to watch it, so no harm! Anyway, about 2 days later, I went on YouTube, and I noticed there were a lot of recommendations for bizarre movies and documentaries. I have no interest in watching these types of movies, but reading about the movies is somewhat interesting to me. I came across something, and I was wondering what level forum members have gone to on this chart: Personally, the "lowest" movie on this chart that I have seen is The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. So, anybody watch this kind content?
  9. No, it proves that the right isn't anti government, when they are in control.
  10. Canucks have to play 19 games in 31 days!
  11. Wasn't Trump the leader of the government?
  12. If they were white they would be Patriots!
  13. I always liked running on deserted city streets (Oakland) at 4:00 am on Sunday mornings.
  14. My understanding is that in California it's illegal to have anything hanging from your rear view mirror that obstructs your view of the road, so basically it's up to the cop.
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