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  1. I only posted the video so anybody who didn't see it could see it. Interesting response!
  2. I don't care if you're religious. The fact is that YOU pointed out that you only kneel to "your lord". You brought up religion in a thread that has no religion, and I thought it was funny. Congratulations on joining Cashflow's circle jerk. Begging for Sober to save you is hilarious, but I'm tired of posting laughing gifs!
  3. Anyone who kneels to an invisible, fictional being is a fanatic. You have the right to do it, I have the right to laugh. And YOU are crying about it.
  4. I'm mostly not interacting with people I don't know.
  5. Pray to your mythical lord, religious fanatic!
  6. I never was concerned. The only part of the whole thing that concerned me was the prospect of young people getting it and passing it on to old people!
  7. 1. Hillary got more votes than Trump, so the polls were correct. 2. i predict Trump will be the first person to win 2 presidential elections despite losing the total votes both times. Running Biden is like running Mondale against Reagan, running Dole against Clinton, or running Romney against Obama.
  8. I'm not the one who cried to Juice and Bubba. This all started because I posted the shaq laughing gif quoting your pro Trump post!
  9. Since I've come back, every post I've made has been on subject. Every time you've quoted my posts you've attacked me. You and Sober were the only 2 forum members who could dish it out, but couldn't take the responses. Stay on subject, or fook off.
  10. I didn't change one letter of my user name and create an alt. I didn't come back and post 60,000 posts in 5 years, but I'm the desperate one. I was actually going to give you credit for getting a life outside the forum, until you posted that she's an ex-con! Aim high!
  11. You don't believe in the all knowing, all powerful mythical being that rules the universe?
  12. Anarchy is extreme left, but nowhere near "Democrat" or "liberal".
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