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  1. None of the California teams are playing, they were too worried about the virus.
  2. Once robots are practical, the super rich will move behind walls and leave the peasants to fend for themselves.
  3. This thread is 369 pages of bad memes.
  4. You might be able to do an Ironman if you were able to just dedicate your life to training. I would imagine that once you reach a certain level of fitness, it would become a mental battle more than anything else. My best ride was 70 miles, but my excuses are that I was old, and it was 90 degrees when I reached 40 miles!
  5. Great accomplishment! Was it an organized event, or a solo ride?
  6. Old, fat, and sick people don't count.
  7. You can search online and find countless medical opinions on both sides, so what's the conspiracy theory for advocating masks?
  8. In California, the governor issued an order making masks mandatory in public places, and for now that's the law.
  9. I actually don't care if you wear a mask or not. However, any time I see a video of a dispute over not wearing a mask, it seems to be inside a business, and the business should have the right to deny service to people who don't wear masks if they want to.
  10. It's not totally about fear, it's mainly about medical care not being available. That is the main reason for the shutdowns. I don't totally understand your reasoning for disobeying the suggestions for staying safe.
  11. Do the protests benefit Trump or Biden?
  12. Not defending the rioters, but doesn't Trump have the authority to defend Federal buildings?
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