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  1. 4 player left, 2 with around 1 million chips, 2 below 500,000 chips, I have around 450,000. Blinds 10,000 - 20,000, I'm under the gun, pocket 9's. Raise to 50,000, button (big stack) calls. Flop 8-4-2, safe flop for me, bet 80,000, called again. Turn was a 7, pot is around what I have left, so I shove. Big stack has pocket 7's, hits a set, and I'm out! Decent pay out, but very disappointed that I didn't win it! Don't know if he would have folded to a preflop shove.
  2. That's a lot of pages to say each state can do what they want.
  3. Today, the legal opiates lead to the cheaper alternative, which is heroin. Also, I agree with cashflow that alcohol causes more problems than all the illegal drugs combined, so the handling of alcohol abuse socially is a failure. The legalization of marijuana is a first step, but each illegal drug has to be looked at individually, I disagree that all drugs can be legalized.
  4. If you bought al qaeda produced heroin 20 years ago, you were sponsoring them.
  5. I agree, and a big part of that is that it's legal. That's why I don't think legalizing all drugs is feasible, and that's why I disagree with the Bill Hicks meme.
  6. Alcohol is legal, so it's not exactly the same argument. The problem with alcohol is what people do when they are drunk, whereas the drug trade has an incredible level of violence just in the supply chain.
  7. If you use certain drugs you are contributing to all the violence and death that comes from the drug trade, so it is, in fact, everybody's business.
  8. As the month of July pushes South County thermometers to the triple digits, the glistening lakes nearby, with their emerald green waters that reflect the sun, beckon locals to take a dip.But that would be breaking the law.“No swimming” and “No wading” signs surround the lakes and creeks all over Santa Clara County, and park rangers are there to make sure the signs are obeyed.Swimming has been prohibited for decades in four of South County’s larger lakes – Anderson Lake, Coyote Lake, Calero Reservoir and Chesbro Reservoir – by the California Department of Public Health to protect the public’s drinking water supply from contaminates.
  9. Hey Zerk, did that typhoon come close to you? Stay safe!
  10. Avenged losses is OK, but never losing dominates that argument.
  11. Nobody talks about what their candidate will do anymore, just talk about how bad the other guy is! Trump only won last time because he convinced all the losers that someone else was to blame for their miserable lives!
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