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  1. I WILL enforce the bet! RIP Wickles By sobercuban, 1 hour ago
  2. Yes, Cashflow dominates the forum, 12er, not so much. However, I dominated the forum when there were 100s of active forum members. Now there are around 10.
  3. If you look at every debate in America, the difference between the majority and the minority is only 5% to 10%, so whoever yells louder gets the publicity. Social media makes it even worse. I read that around 33% of Americans own guns, but I'm positive that some forum members will disagree.
  4. Don''t give a chit about any of this, just pointing out that you guys constantly post straight up lies, and pretend they are true. It's 100% fact that he wasn't on suicide watch when he died, that's all I said.
  5. He wasn't on suicide watch at the time of his death. Try harder.
  6. World Cup: Australia Vs Canada MARCH 16, 2011 20:56 Australia rolled over a winless Canadian side in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 with much ease after a 183-run partnership from openers Brad Haddin and Shane Watson. Canada's John Davison waves to the crowd after playing in his final match before retirement in their World Cup cricket match against Australia. (AFP Photo)
  7. Already in the politics thread, no new information here!
  8. He should have filed for bankruptcy.
  9. My disagreement with you guys is the notion that the government wants to ban the sale of guns, and hunt down gun owners and take their guns away. There are extremists on both sides, but the idea of some sort of control on the run away industry of guns seems reasonable. I think you guys are pawns who are duped into believing the ''ban all guns" hype, and probably buy even more guns because of it.
  10. 2 fighters who fought inside most of the fight, exchanging short punches to the body and head. For all the punching, nothing spectacular, more like a 12 round sparring session. The most impressive thing was that 2 fat guys had that much endurance.
  11. Population around 3 million, but nobody wants to go there. Would you fear "negros" if they didn't have guns?
  12. According to the forum, the shooter looks like a liberal, he's not really white, and the old standby, this is another diversion to shift the focus from some other political event.
  13. 53% of the guns seized in California were sold in Arizona and Nevada. As I've stated several times before, if nothing is done nationally, the states are limited in the success of strict gun laws.
  14. It was a trick question, Jon Jones is the real champion.
  15. This shooting had it's own thread, but was merged to minimize the debate.
  16. Who is the heavyweight champion of MMA? Daniel Cormier, Ryan Bader, Brandon Vera, Philipe Lins, Phil De Fries, Mighty Mo, Tony Lopez, Azunna Anyanwu, Greg Rebello, or Shelton Graves? (I admit I looked it up on Wikipedia, but you get it)
  17. I rarely watch MMA anymore, but I don't feel the need to "pretend" I do. However, I was flipping the channels and came across the Lawler fight. It was so boring I didn't even watch the whole fight, I turned it to Ancient Aliens!
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