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  1. I hated Trump because he was a billionaire who used bankruptcy to screw people who he did business with. I don't follow politics 24/7 on CNN like you do, i admit it. I'm tired of saying it, there's only a few political subjects that even interest me. i just push those buttons when I want you to jump, and you jump! Edit: The El Paso shooter has a strong resemblance to a certain Trump loving forum member!
  2. Fake news. I support no party, or no candidate, and have never done so.
  3. The real fans know who the real champion is. If that was MMA, Canelo would have to take whatever they offered.
  4. Stupid argument. I have nothing to do with any of that. The number one factor in handing out justice is the wealth of the victim and perpetrator.
  5. You are trying to say that I support the worst criminals because I think that killing them is the same crime as they committed. Murder is murder, it's the act of killing a human being.. Same with your last example, if you want to go to the same level as the criminals, that makes you just as bad as they are.
  6. Nice troll effort, saying anyone who doesn't support the death penalty for pedos, etc. supports them. You do realize Trump abuses children every day in the detention centers. Where else are children put into prison for the crimes of their parents?
  7. You can't say a human being is not a human being. I thought medical professionals are supposed to be against killing people, no matter what the circumstances. Animal abuse? Are you vegetarian?
  8. Why would someone in the medical community want to kill people?
  9. The MMA community no longer downplays boxing, because of money!
  10. I'm aware that this is just a weak trolling attempt by Oz, and I'm just playing along! Honestly, I couldn't give you the names of the 4 congress women without looking them up.
  11. My only point in the whole matter was that it's stupid to tell 3 Americans to "go back where they came from", and I was right. It's kind of like when they used to call for American born black people to "go back to Africa", which is where the racism comes in. You've got nothing.
  12. “I don’t believe the four Congresswomen are capable of loving our Country. They should apologize to America (and Israel) for the horrible (hateful) things they have said,” Trump said in a Twitter post.
  13. It's not an argument, it's a factual observation. When he said they can go back where they came from, he was addressing all 4 of them. That's a fact, not an argument. I attribute your stance to the fact that Aussies don't really know the English language.
  14. I'm not democrat, and I've never supported any democratic candidate. I'm still only a 3 issue person, gun reform, workers rights, and billionaires are greedy scum.
  15. Yes, we did respectfully agree to disagree. My point was that Trump lumped all 4 of the congress women into one stereotype, when 3 of them are actually natural born American citizens. As for the Politics thread, it really is just applauding Trump and bashing the democrats.
  16. The Politics thread is really the " Attack the Democrats" thread. You guys no longer talk politics.
  17. I always wondered what the citizens really think of Pacquiao.
  18. Well, if all immigrants and their descendents did that..............................................., but you probably only mean the ones who aren't white.
  19. Doesn't matter that he said come back, he told all 4 of them to go back where they came from, and 3 of them were born in America. I'm saying 3 of them are in the same situation as you. It makes as much sense as telling you to go back to Lithuania and fix their problems, and then come back.
  20. Thurman sends Pac Man into retirement.
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