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  1. I don't care what you political beliefs are, but this is like telling Cashflow to go back to Lithuania.
  2. Telling 3 people born in the United States to "go back where they came from!" It really is "Make America White Again".
  3. The great depression was a liberal scam!
  4. You are wrong. Social Security was never meant to be fraudulent. You will never admit you are wrong, never. Money from new investors paying the original investors is not enough to make it a Ponzi scheme. You made a thread where you picked Askren, everybody saw it, and then after the fight you said you really picked Masvidal, and printed a betting slip. That sums up your integrity.
  5. He gave Julio Cesar Chavez a boxing lesson, and they called it a draw!
  6. With no hate or anger: The intent of Social Security isn't to swindle money from people. The same model of Social Security has been used since the beginning. It was never a program where what you put into it would be paid to you when you retire, it was always meant for the people who were working to help the people who were retired, with the intent that when you retire, there would be working people to help you. It's failing as people live longer, and the government taps into it, but it is no way a Ponzi scheme, and it doesn't even fit the model of a Ponzi scheme. The notion that using the money put into it today to pay past benefits doesn't make it a Ponzi scheme, no matter how hard the people who want to get rid of Social Security say it is.
  7. Hahahahahaha! Social Security is set up as a fraud for quick returns on the investor's money?
  8. No, Social Security isn't a savings plan. There are some people here who wish it was, but it's not. It pays for retirement, disability, and benefits for surviving spouses and children, which fits the insurance model. The Ponzi scheme argument is a stretch, because Ponzi schemes usually promise huge returns on your investment, and Social Security barely supplements your retirement. The fact that they are using today's Social Security income to pay past due payments doesn't make it a Ponzi scheme, that's not the true definition of a Ponzi scheme.
  9. I agree, but they need to change the program, and not just abandon it.
  10. ...........except for the fact that the government PROMISED to pay you until you die. Insurance generally doesn't work the way you are portraying it.
  11. You're more likely to have a heart attack than me!
  12. It's basically a tax to help fund retirement. Employers match what employees put into it. I'd rather fund retirement than war, a border wall!, etc.The problem is that the government taps into it, which wasn't intended.Personally, I would be OK with a refund of what I paid into Social Security and Medicare, I don't need them.
  13. Pay into Social Security for 40+ years, and then complain when they cut you off? Pathetic!
  14. In your honest opinion, what would happen to you if you did lose your guns?
  15. Lakers sign Demarcus Cousins, Danny Green, and Quinn Cook.
  16. Maybe you can create an alter ego, and give contrasting views! That's all you see on sports channels during the morning, 2 different personalities arguing about sports subjects. Mauro Pedrosa and Stephen A. Pedrosa!
  17. Well done! Just an opinion, but I agree with Oz and Stomp, if you want to step up your game, I think you need to throw in some more humor, or at least some stronger personal opinions. I like the artwork, the videos are pleasing to the eye, but you aren't providing anything new to hard core sports fans. You need to make your videos more about Mauro, and not just reporting sports news.
  18. If boxing was somehow exposed, wouldn't MMA fighters start lining up to make that easy money beating up boxers in boxing matches? Paulie Malignaggi is nobody on the current boxing scene. Forgot about Floyd - Conor? There are at least 50 boxers between junior welterweight and middleweight who would knock out Conor in a boxing match.
  19. Congratulations! Can you handle 2 kids?
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