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  1. It will be funny until Sober goes full Chris Benoit on his family.
  2. Those were Cashflow's odds, before he became the baddest frisbee golfer on the planet.
  3. Clegg started a thread about Megasoup lurking, but not posting. I bumped 3 Soup threads. Sober deleted them, and basically dared me to do it again, so I did.
  4. Bumping the megasoup thread, and this particular post, is what got me banned: cashfl0w Stay woke, fam. Free 91,900 60,434 posts Report post Posted October 1, 2016 Soup -5000 Cash +600 Mozzez +2000 Bubba +2500 Soup still takes this in a runaway.
  5. Half of them never happened, but Lil SoberKang is out for blood!
  6. .......................and during the week I was gone the most popular new thread was something about drinking ITR's semen.
  7. No, but it wasn't funny to me, it was troubling.
  8. I went over 4000 miles for the year on my bike today. My goal was 5000 miles, however!
  9. When does it change from "the paranoia was so bad I was up all night holding a machete, hahaha" to "the paranoia was so bad I was up all night holding a machete, cringe"?
  10. Fantastic! My first marathon was something like 3:39! However, the first 20 miles were around 2:20, then I almost died!
  11. We used to have a forum friendship, but now he doesn't like me anymore?. It's either politics or marijuana. I thought he was trolling until he tried to justify his reasons for banning me.
  12. Does this make you a zombie, or a sheep?
  13. I wanted to argue with you about the ban, but never mind.
  14. Nothing but respect for Carngoat, TUFgoat, and I Drank Your Goat Milk. However, where was Patster?
  15. Got banned by McSober for 2 hours for bumping an old megasoup thread!
  16. I bump some megasoup threads, and they immediately get taken down?
  17. I literally predicted the mid terms with 98% accuracy, while you were claiming Mississippi was a great republican victory.
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