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  1. If Roy loses weight he will also lose power. He's pretty much stuck where he is, a mediocre fighter with a lot of heart and a punchers chance.
  2. Lets have some predictions- I'll take Mir by first round submission
  3. You can have a good fight with 2 amatuers, but it would be a ripoff if you had to pay for it
  4. I just believe that there should be a title fight to justify a pay per view- in MMA or Boxing
  5. The fights are good but this shouldn't be a pay per view. I always tell myself that I won't pay for these weak cards with no title fights, but I always end up paying
  6. Thank god for steroids or he would never come back
  7. This card is weak. You won't have much chat tonight.
  8. Taxman looks like an old man to me
  9. No title fights on either card - they should be free.
  10. It's ashamed that since MMA took over for boxing that a legend is still making chump change compared to boxers. That's why they all model T SHIRTS when they enter the octagon.
  11. The UFC thought Bisping was more marketable so they let him get the decision. This is why I will always have so much respect for Gracie. Even though the competition wasn't that strong, he was always trying to finish his opponent; they didn't even have decisions.
  12. Sorry, but I'm not old enough to have seen a good performance by Rampage. I thought he was an actor who decided to try MMA
  13. What do you consider to be Tito's prime? The Ken Shamrock fights? Tito was all hype and no substance. I vote for Forrest when it comes to cardio.
  14. What was Rampage's last great performance? Washed up Vanderlay Silva?
  15. There aren't ANY good boxers in MMA. If a boxer stays true to real boxing. he will get taken down and tapped out. Once you work on becoming a "well rounded fighter" you are already becoming weaker in your special discipline, no matter what it is. There are no great specialists anymore. You won't survive trying to use only one discipline; Boxing,wrestling,Jui Jitsu,Kickboxing- it doesn't matter. If any of these guys could really box, they would be boxers. Pacquiao makes more money than any MMA fighter, and he doesn't have to sell T-Shirts on the side!
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