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  1. How much each dose will cost The cost for each dose ranges from $3 to $37, depending on the vaccine. Moderna, a two-dose vaccine, recently announced each dose will go for around $32 to $37. The Pfizer vaccine, also given in two doses, is expected to cost $19.50 a dose. Each dose for Johnson & Johnson’s two-dose vaccine will cost an estimated $10, and AstraZeneca’s two-dose vaccine could be the cheapest at just $3 to $4 a dose. Novavax’s two-dose vaccine is estimated to be $16 a dose.
  2. I Take Roids should be the first forum member to get vaccinated, one less conservative to worry about!
  3. I believe medical professionals can also have a political agenda, just like everyone else.
  4. I have no way of knowing for sure, but your argument is very similar to the rigged election claims. I know a nurse who works in nursing homes. Basically, hospitals send old covid patients there to die.
  5. So there was no way I was going to pay for this "exhibition", then a bunch of friends called me to see if I was buying the fight. I'm usually the person who everybody goes to for pay per views! I'm OK with it if it's a good fight, but I didn't expect ANYTHING from this fight. Turned out just like I expected, two ex boxers sparring. I used to spar like that with my brothers all the time, the rules were you could throw full power to the body, but light punches to the head!
  6. I heard deaths by broken foot are more legit than deaths by covid-19!
  7. I woulda kicked your **** if I wasn't a bench warmer!
  8. 22,000 deaths vs 250,000 deaths. They also have flu vaccines available, but only 40% of adults get flu shots.
  9. The flu season I was talking about was considered to be from October 1, 2019 to May 1, 2020, according to the CDC. I was only stating that the flu numbers weren't lower because of covid, so the people who were saying covid was the flu didn't know what they were talking about. One third of covid deaths in America happened during the 2019 / 2020 flu season, even though covid didn't appear until late January. We are now in the 2020 / 2021 flu season. You specifically have stated several times that covid is just a strain of flu.
  10. Around one third of total covid deaths happened during the 2019-2020 flu season, and that didn't significantly affect the total number of flu cases. Nice try, but covid 19 isn't the flu.
  11. During the 2019-2020 influenza season, CDC estimates that influenza was associated with 38 million illnesses, 18 million medical visits, 405,000 hospitalizations, and 22,000 deaths.
  12. I appreciate the respect, but I also have no problem with you posting your opinions. I've taken so much chit over the years that I can handle it. The only thing that bothers me is being censored (banned) and then having the other guy talk a lot of chit about me when I can't respond.
  13. What you say is true. I tend to agree that in some cases they are going too far. However, I just don't believe this is permanent, and I haven't seen any evidence that there is some type of plan to use this to take away freedom, make America communist, etc. I think a lack of leadership at the very top has a lot to do with it.
  14. I always have a problem with these conspiracy theories. Why are they doing all of this? They already control the population. Seems to me the only reason would be money, but don't they already take what they want?
  15. I my part of California, they aren't arresting anyone over it, it's really only a recommendation. I am convinced that any type of barrier between what is coming out of your mouth and nose will have some effect on how far it travels.
  16. I was in prison when megasoup made the OP, so I didn't get a challenge! I still ride between 3000 and 4000 miles a year, and I'm a senior citizen!
  17. I made a post on the previous page, if you're interested!
  18. Wearing a mask and social distancing actually make sense to me. There are just millions of people who say no, I won't do it because you are taking away my freedom.
  19. I was only saying that if America followed the mask and social distancing guidelines, this would probably be over by now. Everyone focuses on the mask, but the distancing is even more important. You seem to be on edge about losing your freedom, which is pretty stupid.
  20. In China, they don't ask you to wear a mask, they demand that you do! China is proof that if we had strictly followed the guidelines, we would be in the same situation China is in when it comes to the virus.
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