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  1. Anyone else think that would be an interesting fight? Possible free card headliner...
  2. Probs 'cause he beat Shogun, Rampage and Machida in one year...
  3. That game is ****ing stupid. The higher the difficulty is you just can't submit or win any transitions. Just constantly reversed and taken down and can't do **** about it.
  4. Why does Machida keep getting fights he doesn't deserve?
  5. I think you have to pay for most of those PRIDE fighters...
  6. __ **** rampagE!! I"ma stomp on his head with shogun!
  7. Chael seems mad. His career is over after Anderson beats him...
  8. I like fighters that win on de points because I have the intelligence to appreciate scoring points. Only dumb people like seeing two men fighting to finish. God damn savages enjoy seeing KO and subs in MMA! Shame on you people!
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