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  1. Chris Leben came up, he's not the biggest but he's tough as nails. Not the type of guy i see turning down fights no matter who it is
  2. Inside the cage it would turn me off the sport for a while. If its outside the cage though no.
  3. It is especially when you purchase V.I.P
  4. Better: Good cards for free on t.v, more weightclasses Worse: Death of pride
  5. Where the F*** is Barry Shepherd and what is Randy doing there
  6. I love it. So far i have been playing pride because of the stupid one round thing but really have been enjoying it. The striking is fluid and the knockouts are better ( even though Rampage has been whooping my *** on the hardest level). The submission game is great and i like the ground game in general. Overall i have high hopes for the game.
  7. Yea i just disliked how i had to download some s*** that costs points of some kind that cost money
  8. Sure unless they do the stupid pay for online thing
  9. Yea im probably going to play career as i doubt there is going to be anyone playing this game online
  10. Hey guys i have to go get a minor surgery because of my shoulder so i will have alot of time on my hands. Anyway i was wondering how do you guys feel about the game as its selling for 15 at a nearby place so do you guys think i should get it or just wait for undisputed 3
  11. Yea i call bulls*** your profile says your 21 yet you clearly stated your 22 then there also the fact you changed you photo from a pair of......... breasts which further cements this
  12. Im disappointed in you NWA c'mon if you going to pick a group of people to hate be original the christians were already hated by roman government. Personally i would go with the Samoans
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