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  1. upstate new york. modern tech is cool, peeps from all over the world B.S'n about whatever. :-) people of earth unite!
  2. no doubt, im lookin forward to seeing jordan fight more. hell i'd like to see Oli fight more too. both those guys are a nice addition to the HW division, we need more HW's. they looked like they knew what they were doin when it went to the ground too, nice kimura attempt and then a nice escape. and no one was looking to employ the ol lame a** lay n pray tactic. i like it when no one tries that.
  3. look up bob sapp vs noguera on youtube, crazy stuff
  4. it still happens to some degree,.. for example edgar vs maynard was like 2 diff weight classes fightin. but for the most part everyone that fights now a days is a real mixed martial artist with real skills. back in the day it was more just fighters from any discipline even no discipline. and it was possible to have a situation like kemo vs gracie. now that every ones skill level is so high you have to have the weight classes. but no doubt, at some point we'll get a major bada** (really silly that we can't use that word on a fighting forum :\ srsly who are we protecting?) who will want to prove himself by takin on way bigger dudes. frankie is like that i think, he always fights bigger dudes. id like to see the weigh ins be the day of the fight, maybe even an hour before the fight. i think weight cutting is a lame practice.
  5. spacey

    Arianny well done!!

    scareianny. that's her hot zombie alter ego. in case you didn't know.....
  6. Jones feels the fight out, then when he decides it's time to end the fight, he ends it by turning the other guys brain off somehow, or by forcing the ref to save the poor chap that's unlucky enough to be in the octagon with him. This scenario will continue to happen for at least 5 more years.
  7. i don't think it's nationalism so much as groupism,.... this group strokin their own bones about how great they are and how much the other bone strokers are lame even tho they don't know much about them. tribes, religions, regions, nations, gangs, w/e anyway... USA USA USA USA USA (totally realized i was replying to "strokerman" after i wrote this, lol )
  8. cool vid. gomis style is fun to watch, he's sooooo loose in there. he looks almost boneless at times.
  9. i hope he doesn't try to apply the dreaded "third hook" when he takes someones back.
  10. i know. op' date=' it's "padded" when i was a kid i thought the term was "make front of" instead of "make fun of". funny how people hear things all the time and think it's one way and then you see it written and everything comes together. a lot of people write "should of" or "could of", when it's really "should have" or "could have" he should of tried harder,.. nope, it's should [u']have[/u] tried harder.
  11. i have more respect for the people that convince them to do it for them so the oil co. can make crazy amounts of money while using governments to fund many aspects of their money making venture, like having a military that is paid for by tax payers protect the oil cos. interests and topple and re-create nations in the process, so as to ensure "stability" in a region for a more lucrative business.
  12. spencer fisher and sam stout stands out as well
  13. scott smith v pete sell always stands out in my mind.
  14. most likely the "industry" is running the show now and they care more about image and $ than music. also it could be that just like rock n roll had the 80's where most "rock" music became pop and was horrible, the hip hop scene is experiencing it's own version of the 80's. wealthy ceo's trying to maintain an image instead of caring about artistic quality., they're selling a "product" and not expressing themselves thru a specific artistic style. but there's still some good stuff out there. you just wont find it in the "mainstream" this is a little old but did you see this 1/2 hr beastie boys video, i loved it, all the cameos from famous actors, the humor is spot on, and the songs are great. i had a smile on my face for 30 minutes when i watched this.
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