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  1. I wouldn't mind watching him get brutally KO'd again.
  2. Cain will be lucky to fight again with the constant injuries.
  3. This guy goes and complains about how he isn't a big enough draw to make PPV money when his real record should be 16-7. He lost both of those fights with Frankie, the one with Melendez and of course last night against Thomson. Who is paying off the judges to make this guy the winner? Since when has touching your hair counted as a scoring blow in a fight?
  4. He won't make weight and then will try to move down to middle weight to crack a shot at the rumble weight championship belt.
  5. TinychatBtarrdz

    2,3 and 5

    I highly disagree... ROund 2?? are you kidding me? YOu mean the round where GSP did the stanky leg for 30 seconds struggling to stay up? GSP out struck him for the majority of that round, 30 seconds does not win a round in my book So then Gus clearly should be the champ by winning round 4 when he dominated the whole time except for when Jones almost put him down?
  6. GSP has already started stuffing himself with vaseline. Even if they wipe his body off it will keep coming out of his pores.
  7. ive got 6 xbones preordered because i know damn well that at least 5 of them will get the red rings or brick within the first year. Forgetting about the PS3 yellow light of death much? Enjoy your indie game system with no good exclusive titles.
  8. Paying the judges to vote based on the money they get from the Nike contract?
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