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  1. ASdaKing

    Herb dean is a can

    blow up every blog, make it be known as fans we are outraged. Where does the buck stop dana? a ****ing men
  2. ASdaKing

    Herb dean is a can

    McMann had one hand on her liver the other on the ground, neither was covering her head. She was hurt and herb saved her from taking a bunch of unnessisary shots. She didn't even protest the stoppage. I'll say to everyone complaining about it what I was told after the moose fight, "stop being butthurt" cool story but what "unnessisary" shots are you talking about? pillowpunches dont even put women out so that should not be a reason to stop the fight. I agree with this.
  3. ASdaKing

    Herb dean is a can

    I'm just saying...we watched Waldburger take a beating that I'm sure we all shouted "STOP THE FIGHT HERB"....and the next fight he refs, he doesn't even give the chick a chance to recover at all? I'm all for fighter protection, but be consistent
  4. ASdaKing

    Herb dean is a can

    If it didn't get stopped there, it would have ended shortly after this by tapping out to an arm bar. well let it get to that point, right?...I mean damn
  5. ASdaKing

    Herb dean is a can

    Hit Herb's FB page up and tell him he ****ed that one up
  6. ASdaKing

    Herb dean is a can

    the worst dude....that was ****ing awful....****ing awful...ill quit ordering this **** if this is what we get
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