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  1. GSP better stay as FAR away from Anderson Silva as he can. Anderson could never wrestle with GSP but my God if Anderson gets a strike in, GSP is DONE...
  2. ASdaKing

    dat power

    finally I agree with you lol
  3. ASdaKing

    dat power

    Haha wow is right...I've been looking for my 2nd favorite fighter for a long time, and I just found him...Hendricks drops bombs
  4. You do a great job with the interviews Brady. Hendricks seems like such a nice guy. Keep up the good work and keep putting us ufc.com fans on the map. Appreciate it pal.
  5. I can't really see Jones putting an elite HW on his back, and his striking is not powerful enough to hurt anyone. He's going to wish he stayed at LHW
  6. this is exactly what keeps GSP out of P4P conversations these days. Anderson is the ONLY one, of the GOAT's to actually fight in different weight classes.
  7. It's astonishing to me that democrats actually think that republicans are anti women, minorities, the elderly, hell everyone according to the left. 40ish% of Americans identify with the republican party but because it's not YOUR party, or your beliefs, you are enlightened enough to think that these people are beneath you somehow. It's a philosophical disagreement on the way people feel the nation should be run. Have YOUR beliefs and let others have theirs. Arguing/debating is healthy, but only if you keep an open mind. Drumming up some google facts from some leftist website hack job, is getting extremely old and desperate. Most americans are ready to hack up their guts with all of this horsecrap from BOTH sides. Dems and repubs have been in charge before, and the nation is still here. Get over it people.
  8. http://www.nbcnews.com/id/49528284/ here *******...
  9. Are you "name dropping" again. Was it Roy Nelson again telling you this? Dude take this rumor and gtfo. Spreading rumors with no merit should be a bannable offence. I hope this garbage thread at least gets deleted.
  10. What Athletic Commission would sanction such idiocy? Or is this fight being held in someone's backyard right after a Kimbo Slice fight?
  11. You Kevbo, are a naked Liberal. All of your huffing and puffing about both sides being wrong has been stripped and you are standing exposed for all of us to see. You have lost all credibility with me, as I thought you were a purist libertarian. No need to attempt to re-clothe yourself, just embrace what you are.
  12. For the first time in my life, I will be pulling for Chael Sonnen. I absolutely abhor Sonnen, so that should tell you my feelings for Jones.
  13. I guess Anderson was "countering" when he kicked Vitor in the face?
  14. Sounds like a great way for Dana to sic his "mouth boy" on JBJ Dana may be shooting himself in the foot though, because this will give JBJ and Anderson a "real" reason to be friends.
  15. No, I was drunk and mis-read ....my apologies
  16. so are you saying Fedor is the GOAT
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