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  1. Anderson haters are a bunch of flakes anyway. I hate that I'm even dignifying this rahtarded post. You got a man in Silva, that has demolished the MW division. steps up every once in a while to embarrass a LHW and was pretty dominant at the start of his career as a WW pretty much. People name JBJ, or GSP, or even godawful Fedor as the GOAT, but which one of these guys have EVER fought outside of their weight classes?.....the answer is an astounding ZERO times..so please STFU or find your nearest car fire to be apart of
  2. Where is that damn "car fire" picture when you need it?
  3. ..and how did this epic genius manage to post this and still have a post count of "0". I guess when you post something so damn stupid, the post counter doesn't move. I know a few people in this thread that should have about "5" legitimate posts.
  4. Am I the only human being on earth that also heard Jones say he will never fight Silva? This is a mutual agreement between these two men. Why is the blame on Anderson? People pissed and moaned for a GSP v Silva fight for what, five years? Now Silva wants to fight him, but that's not good enough. He has to fight a man that doesn't want to fight him and vice versa? Yea blame it all on Silva, ****wads
  5. I don't quite get the Fox News bashing. What other channel could Republicans look at that aren't biased towards Democrats? NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, PBS, etc...? Those stark raving mad liberals over on MSNBC that think Obama was born in a manger?
  6. I didn't see Ryan as nervous at all. I thought he was quite composed. Biden's horse tooth grinning was a little unbearable
  7. Where is anyone mentioning "hate" for Weidman? If you remember correctly, when Anderson was "gifted" his title shot against Franklin, the UFC held a fan poll to see who should get the next opportunity, and guess who won the poll? That's right Silva. Silva had been a Cage Rage Champion among other accolades and totally molested Leben in under a minute. Maybe the UFC should hold another fan poll to see who is the #1 contender and should fight Silva next? I have no hate whatsoever for Weidman, I do think his "praise" is vastly disproportionate to his skills. That's my only hang up.
  8. what bet do you want? what are you talking about here?
  9. He's the great white hope lol. I wonder the same thing though. He needs at least 1, maybe 2 wins over elite comp before I start to dangle from his coin purse.
  10. Sisti, I actually like you man, but why do you (and many others), hold Chris Weidman in such high regard? I agree that he is an amazing talent but I think he may be highly overrated. He did make quite easy work of Munoz, but that sure isn't saying much. He does NOT possess the wrestling skills of Sonnen (whom Silva defeated twice) He doesn't have the hands of Vitor (whom Silva defeated). He doesn't have the submission skills of Maia (you get the picture). He certainly isn't a combination of the three. I think he is somewhere near the skill level of Bisping. He certainly deserves the opportunity to prove he is the #1 contender. I think somewhere between Bisping, Belcher, and Weidman lies the #1 contender. **Disclaimer** The actual #1 and #2 contenders at MW are still Sonnen and Belfort...but since they couldn't defeat Anderson, they are relegated to standing on the outside looking in.
  11. Hell, could be. I don't feel that way about any one else's avi's though.
  12. Sorry L-boogie....I did mean to use to disclaimer *Do Not Incriminate Yourself!
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