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  1. do you regret that? she didn't actually .....kill herself did she?
  2. Of course anyone can plead the fifth here. Or you can be honest (if the statute of limitations has run out) Honestly, the worst thing I ever did involved a high school girlfriend of mine. I was out one night without her when I ran into this other girl at a small party I had been digging on for a couple of years. She snatched me into the bathroom and we had the kinkiest sex two high school kids could have. She let me put it ANY where. I obliged, happily. After this raunch fest, I started to feel guilty and immediately left to go be with my girlfriend. As soon as I knocked on her door, she drug me into the house and went straight down on me. I thought she would know, and I had no idea what to do but to let her proceed. She never said a word, but I could never look at her the same knowing my shame. But that was long ago, and now we both hate each others guts, sometimes I want to let the cat out of the bag.
  3. He sure was Guy was a legend but just couldn't put the drugs away. I remember watching the documentary on him and then the movie HBO made about his life. I just looked it up yesterday for some strange reason and found out he died in '98 from heart failure. Such a shame to see great athletes go down in flames. Sonny Liston FTW
  4. Len Bias, Roberto Clemente, Thurmond Munson, Earl Manigault, Reggie Lewis, Hank Gathers
  5. The are paid DNC members. Title is worded wrong. Sorry about that.
  6. When I first heard of Silva wanting to fight Franklin again, the only thing I could think of was respect. I think Franklin is one of the nicest guys to ever fight in the UFC, and not only that, the guy is pretty damn good. Rich is a decent draw and after dealing with Chael's antics for two and some odd years, I'm sure Anderson just wanted to fight someone with no drama, and I'm sure that if Anderson had his choice to lose to one person, it would probably be Rich. I don't fault Silva for giving Rich another shot, just like I understand his upcoming fight with Bonnar. Bonnar and Rich are laid back guys and I think outside of the cage, Anderson is too. At 37 years old and hailed (arguably) as the GOAT, he deserves to fight a decent guy after Sonnen. Just my humble opinion.
  7. True. Im obviously more biased about this because I like Silva and not so much Jones. I have no idea why I was so calm and collected while watching Silva v Sonnen 1. Something in my head kept saying, "Silva is going to pull this out somehow someway." I exploded off the couch when he did win of course. When Jones was stuck in that arm bar, my jaw was on the floor because I couldn't believe how close that fight was from being over just like that. *At the time*, which would have been the bigger upset? I really didn't think Sonnen had a chance in hell, but he proved me very very wrong. I thought Belfort could sneak a power shot in and bull rush if he got Jones hurt. Which do you guys think would have turned the MMA world on its head? Sonnen winning MW gold, or Belfort winning LHW gold?
  8. you mean like you did? :cool: chew a ****
  9. Yo mama is so black, when she gets in the car, the oil light comes on
  10. I think that Kimbo has found his niche as a boxer. That style of combat sports is best suited for his skill set. Plus that fight with Houston Alexander was just so hard to watch. I seriously thought they were both going to die.
  11. Anderson Silva or Jon Jones? Anderson during his first fight with Chael, was clearly losing the fight up until the submission in the 5th round. Jones was nearly arm barred in the first round against Belfort. Realistically, which fighter was closer to losing? Why?
  12. http://twitchy.com/2012/10/10/bombshell-okeefe-video-exposes-ofa-staffer-helping-woman-vote-twice-laughing-it-off/?utm_source=autotweet&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=twitter
  13. ASdaKing

    MMA acronyms

    I lol'd ...rolls right off the tongue
  14. that was a weird movie....she's in a new movie (indie flick) called "Paperboy", and she actually takes a steamy pee pee on ...can't remember his name....but she really PEE's on this dude, no fake stuff....
  15. ASdaKing

    MMA acronyms

    Why so sensitive Sisti? It's lighthearted humor. Jeeze man, you are more touchy than Jerry Sandusky in a bathroom full of 10 year olds.
  16. Herman co-maining and Bonnar maining....nothing left to say about this lol
  17. http://twitchy.com/2012/10/09/obama-supporters-if-romney-wins-he-will-bring-back-slavery/ My God, just read these random texts from...people...are these people smart enough to be voting?
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