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  1. Nothing new to see here, move along. They have both claimed that they would never fight each other. I marked this fight off of the books long long ago. Silva does seem interested in fighting GSP. People have wanted that fight far longer than any other.
  2. Sometimes I really want to laugh at the thought of "being born this/that way". People that molest children are "born that way". People with mental problems are born that way. People that are born with no legs were born that way. Being born a certain way shouldn't get you off the hook if you are just a plain *******. But being BORN peroid should make us all equal. It's getting tiresome to drop labels on people and then protect or prevent their behavior. If you are gay, great, just don't be a pushy ****** about it, and if you are straight, don't make gay people feel like they are less than you.
  3. Remember this quote when GSP fights Silva
  4. daa, huh? Before or after he was dating the black girl?
  5. http://patdollard.com/2012/10/philly-students-romney-t-shirt-likened-to-kkk-sheet/ You mean crap like this?
  6. yea awesome quote from ten million years ago
  7. really? i gotta deal with you lol shut up nikka
  8. yea it was a good idea to take vitor down, but it almost cost Jones his arm and his title...
  9. if they haven't banned you for that screen name, then you are probably safe
  10. Super Mario Brothers Tetris Tecmo Bowl Super Mario Brothers II Double Dribble
  11. What happened to that d bag Rumble170Champ?
  12. Lol ^^if that is Michael Bisping, I will eat a fat pile of dog **** on YouTube
  13. This whole ordeal is puzzling to me. Dave Cathy was sort of entrapped during the interview and said his true feelings. Big deal. The man has his beliefs and the only thing that really concerns me, is whether or not his restaurants can cook delicious food. He gets chastised for being "anti-gay" and giving donations to organizations that are "anti-gay". Now he gets chastised for deciding NOT to support and donate to "anti-gay" organizations. If I donate to the United ***** College Fund, does that make me "anti-white"? This whole thing was blown way out of proportion. The LBGT community deserves rights but they can't piss and moan because someone doesn't "like" their lifestyle. I eat a lot. Most of it is unhealthy. People piss and moan all the time about American fatty's, but they can kiss my buttocks. I smoke cigarettes too. A fat, gluttonous, cigarette smoker? Can you think of a bigger social pariah?
  14. I certainly didn't start this thread to offend. It was a gross simplified version of some things that have crossed my mind over time. Obvioulsy there isn't enough room to post my deep thinking about all things science and faith. I do sense something that is bigger than me in this world and I feel a cap to the things I can comprehend and often find myself on the verge of delving into these things but just can't get past that barrier. I suppose I am religious on one hand but have never stopped questioning life. I guess some things are meant to be too complicated for the brain to ascertain.
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