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  1. hm...not really a prediction when he said all of that AFTER it all went down...and Sonnen isn't really good at predictions last I checked...."retiring Anderson Silva"..."winning" ...the guy is certifiable and you sir are the worst kind of person...all you do is troll and hate on Silva every chance you get because you are too in love with GSP...every post you transform into some way to bash Silva and call him overrated...its getting old, obnoxious, and everyone sees right through you...have a good day
  2. this place is going to be a ghost town after that fight lol
  3. face palm...after almost 5 years and a dozen or more opponents, has anyone learned that you DO NOT bet against Anderson Silva? How many fighters were "supposed" to beat the man and did not?...I don't make predictions about fights because i don't want to look like a moron after the fight....but I would NEVER bet against Silva...stupid thread
  4. for some reason, I see the honest answers should be more like this: Born: Wherever Age: 18-55 Height: Taller than you really are Weight: Fatter than you say you are Reach: Long enough to get to the back of the fridge Style: One time I fought a girl in the 2nd grade
  5. I get the notion that you don't like Anderson too much
  6. It seems that every vid you ever see of training or sparring, you see the fighters going at or about 30 - 50%... I understand the reasoning behind not going 100%, injuries etc....has anyone heard of, or has a link to a full out sparring, i would love to know about it....seems like it would be awesome to see guys from these incredibly awesome gyms going balls to the walls ....before an actual fight
  7. still looks a little slow...and that big tata sittin on top of his shoulders never moves ....all that aside...hope Stann wins this one
  8. Hey Chael, why don't you try talking smack to one of these guys faces outside of the cage?
  9. Trolling along and fishing away, Kranga threw out the bait and most took it, Hook. Line. Sinker. Well done sir! The P4P "best" is just an illusion anyway..or delusion...whichever way you want to look at it...its an arguement with no winner, its Kentucky Fried Chicken without the skin...cannot be proven so therefor doesnt exist...sort of like the concept of time. Anderson Silva is my favorite fighter, but I recognize reality for what it is...and it goes beyond numbers...so let the arguements continue, I'll sit back and laugh
  10. cant believe i forgot this fight
  11. Aldo, Pettis (that kick off the cage was insane)..def Leben, Cain, JDS, & Sanchez, Machida n Shogun...Wanderlei (from Pride)...used to think Anderson was the sickest until the Cote, Maia, Leites fights....I still want my PPV refund from Abu Dhabi lol
  12. There are a few fighters that you watch and pretty much automatically know exactly how the fight will play out...ahem GSP...(not trolling on GSP, but very obvious selection)...then there are some fighters that from the opening bell, have you on the edge of your seat because you know something incredible is about to happen/ or could happen most any second. You can't blink, you can't even get up to grab a beer. Those are the fighters I love to see. Which fighter keeps you on the edge of your seat? Which fighter could you predict the outcome of with your eyes closed and the TV on mute? People say that winning a fight is all that matters, semi-true (to the viewer I suppose), but I don't get all that excited by a UD, but let someone be in the midst of getting KTFO, I'm up and screaming at the TV...absolutely love the beatdowns, can't stand the UD...what do you guys think?
  13. ASdaKing

    Chael sonnen

    He says some funny things, I agree...and I have often wondered if he hires a few writers to keep the jokes coming
  14. ASdaKing

    Chael sonnen

    I don't really have anything against Sonnen..his mouth or his fighting...I have however, noticed that ALL of his nonsense talk has always been done out of harms way...i.e. press conferences, tv interview, radio, etc. Never does he speak directly to someone when he trash talks....Wanderlei was in his face and Chael just nodded and what not, but ultimately he kept his mouth shut...there are comparisons to "ALI" but Ali would talk and talk and talk but he would also tell you right to your face how he felt about you...I could never take Sonnen seriously and I call BS on all his talk...I wonder IF he even believes the crap spewing from his mouth
  15. I know the Anderson Silva documentary "Like Water" debut occurred in April at the Tribeca Film festival, I was wondering if anyone has heard if this will be coming out soon or ever? Last I heard, the film was waiting on a distributor to pick it up. If any one has any new insight, it would be great to hear....
  16. Every other thread is about someones BELIEF that someone else is going to dethrone Anderson Silva...its the fight game and anything can happen...I truly believe the man is going to retire as champion...Oh and BTW, I don't think Belfort is going to beat Sexyama so his name will be out of the hat soon enough
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