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  1. There's a lot of money to be made for Miocic!
  2. Yes because it's funny watching him curl up in a ball and embarrassing himself.
  3. All aboard the train to get Brock Lesnar a title shot vs Stipe Miocic sign on this thread!
  4. He got knocked out like a man but he sure did look like a fool though trying to not only prove he was better in all aspect but taunting Bigfoot and toying with him. I would rather get KOed like he did than trying to run like some fighters or yell and/or waive to the refs like Lesnar did.
  5. Brock would have just curled up in the fetal position and yelled to the refs against Fedor.
  6. He certainly is the great HW of all time on his back crying with his legs in the air, arms waiving and him yelling to the ref to stop his fights.
  7. If Machida became MW champion the only legit stylistic threats of beating him are both Belfort and Lombard with their speed. Other than that, it is locked down. Sonnen would come down and get destroyed, Rashad if he went down would get KOed again as well.
  8. This has nothing to do with Brock Lesnar. If you're referring to the Condit fight where he GASSED instead of just yelling to the refs you are crazy. I am a big Condit fan but that stoppage was not a good one
  9. He is only 23 and I know that BJ Penn is small but MacDonald looked like he could eat Penn for breakfast size wize...
  10. Yeah Lesnar had lots of potential but his problem was he is kinda a big wuss. He can take the hit physically but mentally he can't as we seen with him trying to run against Carwin, his turtledance against Velasquez then his heart attack episode against Overeem. It is sad to see a guy with his Wrestling credentials and being so athletically gifted go to nothing. If only he trained on his weaknesses.
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