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  1. Im not, Dont dislike Frankie that much to be honest but im sick of seeing him in rematch's and lets just say he wins, Another Bendo rematch?


    ?That?s what he (Sonnen) wants, because when you fight with emotion, you don?t fight smart,? ?Silva, he?s going to go crazy but he can make a mistake if you do that. It?s a big mistake," George should stay in his gay bathhouses and steam rooms and let people with a belt actually fight the way they want.
  3. You girls crack me up. You guys are clutching a straws. Anderson should be disqualified.... Anderson's the new Paul Daley.
  4. Brent Tate or Uriah Faber Its a tough call I know but for me its tate.
  5. In the latest line of "Can I be a bigger dumb **** if I tried" Anthony "the Man" Mundine believes that despite taking repeated blows to the head and get his **** handed to him via way of Garth Woods (a reality boxing show winner) that he now has the skills to end Mayweather's run, I would like to formally apologise to the world for having this man inhabit our country and in no way does he represent the feelings of the nation. We are currently in the process, as a nation, of putting him up for adoption, Uganda has said no but the small country in Togo has stepped in to be a good sport and take this moron off our hands. It has no electricity and running water is a novelty there so Mundine should fit right in. Again we apologise for this man inhabiting the earth but we have tried to put him as far away from any form of media outlet in the interests of everyone http://www.worldboxingnews.net/2012/06/mundine-im-only-one-that-can-beat-floyd.html
  6. http://www.smh.com.au/lifestyle/cuisine/burger-king-launches-bacon-sundae-20120613-208sp.html
  7. See ya *****es. Im going fishing for a week to Pantanal one of the worlds largest wetlands. Will probably catch **** all but at least I'll have a different type of rod in my hand from the usual one Leaving tomorrow.

    Mir V Schaub

    This has to happen. These guys look hilarious when they are rocked. Mir looked like he had taken an arrow to the knee against Nog and against JDS he didnt know if he was in or outside the cage. Schaub, well we all know how hilarious he looks with fist on the chin. This is the only fight that makes sense for the fans to sit back and watch someone fish for fairies

    Cain V JDS

    I love JDS and Cain not so much I think Cain will take the second fight if it ever happens. What do you guys think. Emotions left out of it please.....
  10. http://awkwardfamilyphotos.com/category/photos/awkward-hall-of-fame/ worth a look
  11. It appears that upon appeal Steve Mazagatti has awarded the decision to Jones due to the pole landing illegal 12 to 6 strikes. The pole is considering a hearing to decided just exactly what it could've done given then fact it was stationary. It doesnt look good for the pole considering Jones' Bentley could not continue after the strikes
  12. Looking at creating an aquarium. I have read tonnes of stuff on the interent but wanted some real experience from maybe a few guys who have them. Basically some good advice for a first timer. Dont want to spend hundres of dollars on fish and equipment to have them die due to in experince. Anyone have any advice?
  13. KTFOOO

    I admit it

    Guys I have a confession to make. Im in love with GSP. I have gone to the other side of the fence. Seeing what he did to koksecks eye make me have a strange man love for him that I just cant hide. He put koksecks eye into permanent retirement. I couldnt be happier
  14. KTFOOO

    Palhares or Shcaub?

    Who has the bigger glass jaw?
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