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  1. Why did you have an issue with Shins sig when Leonie has seen it for over a week. Enigma got drunk, got mad and hit the ban hammer, he admitted it to shin on FB and so everything in that sig was true. He even apologised for the length of time to both of us. Why are you so upset. you were clearly in a bad mood. why wouldnt you just PM the guy instead of making it perma. You are going to be hitting the ban hammer rather regularly with the amount of 12'er trolling that is happening
  2. I stopped at erected.... Know you love for Chael I dont want to know anymore.
  3. Tight lines and is that really your dog mate. PS sorry to hijack for one post L
  4. G is that seriously your dog. That should be made into a MEME. That is ****ing awesome if its really yours mate. If it is Im uploading that to make some memes.
  5. If he beat JDS he will still be known as a cheat. This is what matters most for the UFC. Not having clean athletes but how big you bank balance get.
  6. Alastair trying to be like Chael and have a go at someones language skills. We all know well Chael's taunting of a champ went (twice)
  7. Chael has taught you well my son
  8. Where does team gb come in on the world rankings:D
  9. Alistair pretends he didnt knowingly take roids so I guess they are even
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