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  1. https://twitter.com/#!/officialswick
  2. This was posted by mike swick on twitter. A bunch of ****ing *******. http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=9ac_1326776916#comment_page=3
  3. Basically I woke up at 3pm today but gotta be up at 8 am tomorrow. Its currently 5 past 2 and I'm not even tired.
  4. Hes not a UFC main card level fighter. Hes a regional circuit guy. Were you excited to see him fight before his last fight? I wasn't and I'm not excited now either just because hes in the UFC. Jeff Curran on the main card was whack aswell. I hate these throwaway fights that just lead to a load of prelim time killers instead of live fights that we could be watching instead.
  5. This fight is not PPV quality. For a start Prater isn't even a welterweight any more. He is a lightweight. And just last year he fought in that ****** shine fights lightweight tournament. Loss 25?9?1 Drew Fickett Submission (rear-naked choke) Shine: Lightweight Grand Prix 02010-09-10 September 10, 2010 1 2:02 Newkirk, Oklahoma, United States Tournament Final Win 25?8?1 Charlie Brown Decision (majority) Shine: Lightweight Grand Prix 02010-09-10 September 10, 2010 2 5:00 Newkirk, Oklahoma, United States Replaced injured Crunkilton in Tournament Loss 24?8?1 Richard Crunkilton Decision (split) Shine: Lightweight Grand Prix 02010-09-10 September 10, 2010 3 5:00 Newkirk, Oklahoma, United States Loss 24?7?1 Antonio McKee Decision (unanimous) MFC 22 02009-10-02 October 2, 2009 3 5:00 Edmonton, Alberta, Canada Non-title bout; Prater failed to make weight. He lost in the first round, then got back into the tournament because of an injury, scraped past some knowbody and then got owned by Fickett who is just a journeyman these days getting owned by everyone. This is not the sort of fighter that should be in the UFC nevermind on the main card.
  6. I'm confused about FX. Is there an american and english version? And are the prelims being shown on both. I have fx on sky but on Saturday night the UFC isn't coming up. It just says a bunch of family guy. I hope the prelims are on the channel because I am looking forward to watching the fights on a tv not having to worry about the quality. I can't wait to see Sam Stout fight aswell. I'm sure the the facebook fight will get aired aswell so thats five prelims I will get to watch. So are they showing them on the channel or not??
  7. What the hell, he isnt PFP number 2. He hasn't looked that good yet in the UFC. He will get his recognition when he earns it.
  8. Nam Phan's black belt looks like a joke after his last fight.
  9. One_Winner

    Dr. Hendricks

    They should put him against Woodley aswell.
  10. Its the UFC's fault for not ever giving him a break. The guy was coming off of his second diverticulitis and they give him Overeem? I knew that fight wouldn't make it out of the first round. Against a lesser fight Lesnar might of looked very good. I was impressed by that one leg kick he threw in the first five seconds lol
  11. These are some things that annoyed the hell out of me from fighters. Antonio Banuelos doing nothing against Torres for three rounds but then going crazy in the last ten seconds. Its too late to make it an exciting fight man. Patrick Cote showing off to the crowd that he had gone two rounds with Silva acting like that made him some kind of badass even though he hadn't done a thing in either round. For people who don't remember he was gesturing to the crowd before round three with two fingers up and a big smile on his face. Well about a minute later the guy got ended up hurting his ankle and the damn fight had to be stopped. Thats a ****** attitude and mindset to be in just trying to survive with a guy instead of trying to win. Just wasting the fans money and time. Benson Henderson asking for an AMEN. Just STFU dude. Danny Castillo in the last round of his fight with Njokuani just holding on to him and completeling stalling for the round and then getting pissed at the fans for booing him after that. He deserved to be boooed. For his lay n pray and for the fact Njokuani should of got the decision. The judges for robbing SHogun of a draw in his fight with Hendo.
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