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  1. We are doing great m8, still can't smell anything but last week my taste got back and still a bit tired but for the rest we are fine. my 6yo son had no complaints at all and we all have strengthened our firewall against this flu and all variations are welcome to pay us a visit in the future lol
  2. He`s from the worst area / city in the 3rd world He should be lucky if he still has his balls, let alone having children at age 17
  3. the Murican host did not do any good to that very interesting interview, is he dumb, stoopid or dumb ? huh ? for the rest excellent interview this one is a better version imo. Geert Vanden Bossche PhD and Dr Philip McMillan Deep Dive Q&A - Mass Vaccination in a Pandemic! - YouTube
  4. wut?!? No direct title shot for Nick for his comeback? not even for the BMF belt?!? fug dis chit ! Dis ninja is undefeated in the UFC , all his losses in the UFC were controversial ( 1,2 and 5 against Rundit , jab jab run vs George and a roided Silva that didn't pull the trigger ) nobody dares to throw dem hands with Diaz...and on top of that he got a long time ban instead of Silva for smoking the 'erb ( a downer and not an upper ) i hope they pay this man that anderson silva money otherwise this is not a fair matchup for the GOAT of GOATS
  5. i have enough knowledge about hockey to inform you that the NHL is ICE Hockey and not Hockey
  6. Crute please my fellow non American 😁😁😁
  7. day 10 of quarantine.. apart from my gf and me my 6yo son got tested positive last Friday. He hasn't got any complaints and can go back to school tomorrow. still got a stash of 'erbs on 4/20 happy 420 btw so all is good
  8. i don't believe i am the first one on the forum.. no fookin way.. there are members here holding back crucial information and are rigging the statistics
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