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  1. Hendo Rutten Rumble (after eye poke) most hated: Rumble ( before eye poke)
  2. true hahaha and even with your notifications i almost missed out on 3 or 4 events and made it in the nick of time. But you run this show like a bo$$ , much respect and props for that sir.. you might even have to name yourself I_RUN_THIS or IRT for short lol
  3. I ain't got time for this chit lol Baeza it is
  4. i'll take springer take care homie, my thoughts are with your family
  5. i'll take Croom and if that's not possible i'll stick to Chikadze ! lol
  6. Covid-19 has a thing for muricans it seems
  7. this is THE thrash metal song together with Holy Wars (megadeth) and master of puppets (metallica) imo
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