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  1. nickgrizz

    Advice and tips

    Good Morning fight fans. I have been a die hard fan since 2003, have ordered or watched 95 percent of all ppv's. While on deployment as a Marine in the Middle East I would go to the USO on base at 4 am just to catch a fight airing live. I remember watching the Forrest Griffin vs Anderson Silva fight like that. Everyday I visit at least 5 major mma websites and read every article and comments. I revisit periodically several times each throughout the day to check for update. I have long wished to start a blog and become a journalist. What I want to know is what do you as a reader want to read about? Personally, my biggest overall criticism is that most journalist only cover the fight, steer up conflict which promotes interest, or focus on the negatives of their private lives. As a fan I want to know the person behind the fighter. That's how I turn into a super fan, based on how I identify with them as a person with their morals, values, and beliefs. I want to focus more on the fighter and covering their personal views, mainly focusing on all the positives instead of covering the negatives. All advice would be much appreciated.
  2. Matt Hughes is my favorite, thats a classic, chael also comes out to "too much fun" which is good also, however Rampages are so sick, and when Mir walked out to "Amazin" at UFC 107 right at they lyrics I'm a monster I'm a killer was awesome
  3. Last time I checked, I am pretty sure bigfoot already got his *** whooping by cain, with that being said look at overeem whe he first started fighting, the dude obviously didnt gain that size without taking illegal ****, but i would love to see jds vs rem
  4. honestly Tim Sylvia, even tho I dont like him, him and arvlosky were like the top 2 when i started watching
  5. chael is classy, contrary to popular belief chael and tito are the best to their fans in public
  6. leites vs silva, maia vs silva they were both undeserving
  7. nickgrizz

    free handout

    haha dude i knew you were, and no hard feelings at all, like i said just cant be sure lol, you never know how this crazy stuff happens, sometimes when you ask people will give, and i would love to see titos final fight more then anything
  8. nickgrizz

    free handout

    hahaha that sounds smart of me, it was more of a joke, i know no one will hook me up man, you just never know
  9. nickgrizz

    free handout

    haha doesnt hurt to ask
  10. nickgrizz

    free handout

    Tito is my favorite fighter and the reason I got into UFC, havent missed a ppv since and ordered 80 percent of them, when i was deployed i would get up at 430 and go to the USO just to see them live, UFC 148 is also on my birthday, does anybody want to hook up my broke *** with a free handout and send me to UFC 148 thank you haha
  11. cmon man we both know they will never be champ if palhares fought silva it would be equivlant to thales leites, btw i love your user name tho, im going to the game tonight about to leave for tailgating in a little bit
  12. They will never be champion, never will they be champion, only way they become champion is if somehow that division turns out to be the old heavyweight division where they had tim sylvia and andre arvloski as the dominant factors in there division
  13. nickgrizz

    UFC 137 payouts

    thats what cain would have got if he lost to brock, he was only gaurenteed 10k against brock, obviously he got ko of knight and a huge win bonus, but if he would of lost he would have got the same as mitrione, and that was a title fight
  14. nickgrizz

    Super Bowl lineup

    exactly except roy nelson vs big nog and condit vs kos would be amazing
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