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  1. at 1:40 he knocks out 2 guys with a front kick
  2. he played good in every nfl game he played in, played better than anyone in college football history and led the preseason in passer rating out of the whole nfl, where do people get the idea he cant throw or play QB, he threw for 10,000 yards in college he threw for over 300 yards in his 2nd nfl start so its all b.s
  3. machida knocked out cold and dominated rashad evans the current number 1 contender and tied rampage jackson in there last fight
  4. yea i did post the link, read up here is another one http://www.mmamania.com/2011/9/3/2402548/mauricio-rua-manager-id-like-shogun-to-fight-tito-ortiz-on-the-new http://www.fighters.com/09/03/mauricio-rua-vs-tito-ortiz-on-new-year%E2%80%99s-eve
  5. Forrest Griffin lost the exact same way, against jardine, rashad, rua, forrest griffin is like a shark when you put him on his back he becomes defensless
  6. i rather see tito ortiz vs rich franklin Rua vs dan henderson rua's camp said there pushing for the fight but its up to the ufc to allow it to happen http://www.fighters.com/09/03/mauricio-rua-vs-tito-ortiz-on-new-year%E2%80%99s-eve
  7. because rashad got next title shot, and franklin vs henderson was a fight fans wanted to see at 185 when he first came to the ufc and macida is the next contender to fight for the title
  8. i guess tis mean machida vs dan henderson or franklin vs dan henderson
  9. Bruce Lee invented MMA Jeet Kune Do is MMA, Bruce Lee was a head of his time, even Dana White said that
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