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  1. mmatorch and mmajunkie both give RDA round 3. I guess I can see it. I think it should be Dunhams though. bleh.
  2. 4-0 even after I regretted that last pick. also, a decent fight. I liked Maldonado's clinch work.
  3. My god Anik is horrible..The dude doesn't speak English why are you having him EXPLAIN what he just did??? Anik ****ing sucks. For the Brasilian fans? idk lol.
  4. 3-0 so far. For this next one, I picked Maldonado on the fantasy site. But I am starting to regret that. I'm sticking with that pick though.
  5. I might be crazy, but I think I saw a moth flying around in the cage.
  6. 1-0 so far, But I have been going back and forth on belfort/rockhold all week. :/
  7. My Favorite is the Korean Zombie. However, If Rory would change his from "Ares" to "The Canadian Psycho", it would be close.
  8. JDS is undoubtedly win. He is better everywhere as far as I am concerned. However, if Hunt landed a bomb and won, it would be such a feel good story. Hunt, the guy they tried to pay off so he wouldn't fight for them, finishing a former Champ and going for a title? Crazy. The Army of Doom would go crazy. Alas, it will not likely happen though.
  9. There will be a superfight with Anderson Silva this year if... Silva can beat Weidman and Jones is ready to go around November. No one in the current UFC LHW division ... will beat Jones at LHW. The worst poster on this forum is... Probably me. I'm not on often enough to say. The champ to lose his/her belt first will be... Benson (if Maynard beats Grant) or Mighty Mouse (When Joseph gets another shot) Conner McGreggor ... is the most overrated fighter in the UFC. (Let me clarify this one. I think Conner is a great fighter, and I can see him becoming a star. Plus, I really like the guy. However, I think he still needs to prove himself in the UFC against a grinder. I just feel like he is getting a ton of hype right now) The best match up so far this year is... Aldo-Pettis
  10. I don't think GSP ****ed out at all. I think he is smart and didn't want to turn it into a war of words. He's not the clearest English speaker when he is upset, and he probably didn't want to come off as stupid. Also, Diaz didn't make a lot of sense. Not in a bad way. It made for a great Presser. I'm just saying.
  11. Joking aside, the card is worth it. As a hardcore fan, you get a very good looking undercard. Most the fights looks solid. As a casual fan, or fan in general, you get the top 3 fights. All of which are excellent matchups. All of this is topped off by GSP Diaz, which stylistically is interesting, but in terms of media and hype is one of the best build ups in a while. would you say better than chael/silva 2? i don't know if it is because chael looked like he was going to make it a close match. i have a feeling that we may be buying the hype here, but it's going to be more of a blowout than we realize oh well...on the plus side that means we get to see a finish by gsp. yeah, i'm buying it I'll be clear. I don't think the fight will be close. I think GSP will clearly win the fight until he either wins, or gets subbed but a semi-lucky attempt. However, the hype is definitely a factor in my excitement. But even if the main event is a blow out (which I doubt because of all the emotion), I am confident that the other fights will deliver.
  12. Honestly, I agree. I get it, White wanted to protect his fighter or whatever. But he went out and tried to dodge the question, and then on top of that got all agro on Ariel? I know Ariel asks the investigatory questions sometimes, but White made it out like Ariel was the only person who was gonna ask that. I guaranteeing that was gonna be the first question no matter who asked.
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