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  1. Silva wont fight him!!! he's on coast mode till retirement.
  2. did he really say that??...ohhh boy johnny watch that ego son!! Stop tryin to be so perfect and just be a human!!
  3. I know he has a natural discoloration of his skin and it looks like he was very pale and more even toned in this last fight!!...I think he should stay natural unless it is somehow unhealthy!! Great fighter much respect!!
  4. NO WAY!!! these are completely different fighters in almost every way except mental tuffness! both men are bad a@# but carlos is the more complete fighter and he is gonna give gsp fits everywhere this fight goes. i really hope gsp doesnt just lay on him. if they go toe-toe this will be awesome
  5. ed soares said he didnt think he deserved an immediate rematch because of the fact that he tapped!!! If Sonnen goes on another 3-4 fight streak of top guys anderson will fight him again. but they feel he is selling his way into another title match prematurely. yes he challenged him, yes he showed a tremendous ground game. but he lost the mental war and got caught in a rather slow triangle. I dont think there dodging.. i think the average american isnt used to the respect the world wide martial arts community lives by day to day so they see it as cowardis.
  6. I would say there isnt a skill imbalance !!!! i say the surroundings would dictate where the fight goes!! in a cage +wrestler....wide open field + defense striker......."Mind your surroundings young grasshoppa"~iFUNK Most ppl dont train defense as intensely as offense,and also i think thats why you see wrestlers dominate in cages they have the space advantage
  7. LOL all this controversy over Phelps!!! the only reason i put any of these up here is because they came off the top of my head!!! Phelps did at one time consume 12,000 calories a day during his olympic training and maintained an 8% body fat!!! that takes WORK!!!!!!
  8. diggin deep in the library watchin UFC 37 BELFORT VS LIDDEL!!! Classic!!!!!!
  9. UFC<<<<<--- Anderson Silva NFL<<<<<----Barry Sanders NBA<<<<<---Micheal Jordan NHL<<<<<----Wayne Gretzky MLB<<<<<----Cal Ripken Jr Nascar<<<<----Dale Earnheart Sr Boxing<<<<---- Evander Holyfield Soccer<<<<<---- Edison Arantes Do Nascimento "Pele" Swimming<<<<---- Micheal Phelps Golf<<<<<........Jack Nicklaus My Greatest achievment...This list LOL
  10. It was his eyes, he was seeing stars(the "hulk" Hogan kind) before Lauzon put his lights out!!! Ive seen melvin fight guys he thought were tough before he was has more focus than he displayed in this last fight. and obviously im not the only one who thought it, as soon as he came out!!! He looked like carlos newton VS Matt Hughes to me....carlos's walk out was ridiculous and he lost... same kinda circumstance!!!!
  11. My guess is yes!!!! LOL He's always looking at Bas so adoringly. And constantly reminding him of his nickname "El Guapo" I am a Bas Rutten Fan for sure, but Kenny needs too ease up on the man crush a little,haha!!!
  12. BANTAMWEIGHT 1.Cruz 2.Bowles 3.Faber 4.Jorgenson 5.Johnson 6.
  13. ya joe looked really crisp and focused. melvin was counting on his speed and power too much. i think melvins ADHD was kickin in!! he was why to hyped and not taking it seriously
  14. 1 Cheal Sonnen (if you go by cheals opinion of himself) 2 + 3 Brock Lesner Allister Overeem (loser on top) 4 Melvin Guillard 5 Forrest Griffin 6 Brain Stann (sorry but his grappling blows) 7 Mark Hunt 8 Nick Diaz 9 Rampage (and im a fan) 10Alex Cacerres
  15. hahah yup maynards career can be based off trilogies!!!
  16. I know Nate whats it!!! Can he do it?? It would also be a good place for Grey to start over 1.Edgar. 2.Maynard 3.Melendez 4.Guida 5.Henderson 6.Miller 7.Diaz 8.Pettis 9.Cerrone 10.Lauzon 11.Siver................move um up 1 if Melendez doesnt count yet lol
  17. thank you somebody with there own cognitive thoughts and sound reasoning ..i was really baked when i wrote that one.LOL and yes school failed me!!!
  18. i say underrated. probably not a top 5 lightwieght but an easy a top 10er!
  19. ya melvins one of those guys thats a physical beast but a mental dud!! sucks lol...give me his body please lol
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